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About Gus


My Studio

Mackie 1202, Roland XV-5080, Samson headphone mixer amp, Behringer Composer Pro
Korg D16, Two Panasonic Svhs AG 1980 Desktop Editors, Sony Pro Hi8 deck, ADVC-100 analog to digital fire wire converter, Sony mini DV camera, Denon DP-DJ101 record player, Vintage Kudelski Nagra 111 Swiss made reel to reel recorder, Sony reel to reel recorder, Sony mini disk recorder, For mics I use an assortment of AMT mics for recording exotic percussion, string and mouth harps.
My homemade duel P111 XP Pro 512 Ram Box with a cheap sound disaster card (I know. I know… sucks) with a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 display card, 3 western digital internal hard drives spinning at 7200rpm each. 20 gig a 60 and a 80 gig
One Sony CD-RW CRX145E
One 3 com network card (I very rarely log on to my network or the net from this box except to download drivers)
Two KDS displays on this box plus a Toshiba monitor running off the video decks so I really have three displays running while importing analog tapes during the digital conversion process.
Two HR 824 near field studio monitors


Vegas Video, Sound Forge

Musical Instruments
1. Gome (foot drum)
2. Tamale
3. Diddley Bow (3 types)
4. One String Jitter Bug
5. Mouth Harp
6. Krin (Log Drums)
7. Plus the regular Latin and hand percussion stuff
This list is abbreviated as I play a huge assortment of organic and world percussion with a focus on African Diasporic instrumentation
8. I use an ole DX7 to trigger my Roland 5080

Contact Info

AIM: BushMsc