Diemusik - String bender
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About Diemusik

I'm a Rock guitarist who fell out of love with being in bands and in love with home recording. I have been playing guitar for many years and now record and edit audio for an independent film group. I have played in all kinds of bands over the years from heavy metal and hard rock to classic rock and country.

My Studio

Shure SM57, Rode NT1A, Ampeg Tube half stack, Peavy Classic Combo, Line 6 PODXT Live, Presonus Tubepre, Behringer MDX1600, BBE 362 Maximizer, ART 343 EQ, KRK RP5 monitors with RP-10S Sub, Home Studio 4 , M-Audio Delta 44 sound card, Har-Bal 2.3, BFD, Sound Forge 8.0, Dell 2.8g P4 1g of RAM, A few homemade mic's and preamps

Contact Info

Email: LoudusGuitarusMaximus@yahoo.com