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About mccarty

mccartyMy name is Jonathan, I am 17 years old and live in the UK. I am currently studying my A levels at Sir John Deane's Sixth Form College - Mathematics, Physics, Graphic Design and, of course, Music Technology.

I began home recording around 2004, and am in the process of upgrading my original basic setup.

Through 2005/06 i hope to build up my portfolio of recordings and am currently looking for bands to let me produce their demo for them! I am in a band myself, called Wasted Days (, who will hopefully let me record one of our songs in the none too distant future....

My Studio

P4 2.00 GHz PC
512Mb RAM
60Gb Hard Disk Drive

Windows XP Pro
M-Audio Delta 66
Soundcraft E12
Edirol MA-20D Monitors
Edirol PCR-50 Midi Controller

2 x Shure PG58 dynamic mics
Samson C02 stereo pair condenser mics

Pod XT
Fender Mex Telecaster
PRS Santana SE V2
Yamaha APX9C
Simon and Patrick SP-6
Cruiser P-Bass
Marshall AVT50

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