Joerg Petersen - EBONY AND ACE's
Member Profile - 01/05/2009

About Joerg Petersen

Joerg PetersenThanks to dB and the people of
we are able to share our ideas and tunes.

I wish my music inspires you - as I am inspired listening to this
marvellous crowd of musicians at HRC.

Stay tuned - let's create some sounds!

My Studio

ESI nEar 05
1642 / 1202 VLZ3
Fastrack ultra A/D USB Interface
Sonar 7
some Microphones
some Guitars
one Bass
Lexicon Reverb
Korg microX
Boss DR 880
tube Amps (Ace's n Juniors)
some guitar tuner

if not devoted to guitars i feel my life means to struggle with cable