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Member Profile - 05/30/2002

About shepherdsam

I'm just trying to stop the noise in my head by getting it to CD.

My Studio

Windows XP Professional / Asus PL5D2 / 1024Mb Ram
Sonar 4 Producer Edition
Soundblaster live
Line6 UX2
M-audio Delta 66
M-audio Omni i/o
Radium 61 keyboard/MIDI controller
Audiophile BX5 monitors

Fender Blues Deluxe
Peavey 212S Transtube
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24
Godin Artisan ST
Fender strat (mex)
Ibanez Jem (yes, the one with the monkey grip)
Martin DXME (6-string elec-acoustic)
Seagull (12-string acoustic)
Fender P-bass

PODxt (amp modeller)
Boss ME-30 (guitar effects processor)
Assorted Pedals & Toys