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About grumpeedad

44 yr old guy who likes to multi-track

My Studio

Self-built PC. XP, Pentium4 2.4mhz, 1gig RAM, 2 80G 7200RPM drives, Sound Blaster Audigy EX2 and M Audio Delta 44 soundcards
Blue tube mic preamp
dbx provocal mic fx preamp
Schector electric
Aria Pro electric
Fender acoustic
Takimine acoustic
74 Fender "P" bass
G&L frettless bass
Alembic bass
Yamaha 6 string bass
Shure BG2 mic
Octava condensor mic
Line 6 pod
Bass pod
Korg triton le61
Boss drum machine
Vegas vs.1 (don't laugh)
Cubase VST 4 & Wavelab lite

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