Michael Morales
Member Profile - 05/15/2002

About Michael Morales

I was born and raised in Kentucky, U.S.A. Now I live in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area with my wife and daughter. I am an obsessive Bassist / Guitarist since the age of 5 (I am 34 years old now). I also play violin, drums and piano. I teach guitar and bass guitar out of my home, and play in a Jazz Fusion band called "Imagine That". As a hobby, I am an automotive designer for GM. Some people would call that my career. I got interested in home recording a few years back when I realized that I could do this for a fraction of the cost that I've spent in recording studios. I am still in the learning stage of this field. This website is great for someone in my shoes!

My Studio

Excluding about a million dollars worth of accessories, my main stuff consists of 14 guitars and basses (my favorite bass is my Carvin LB75 5-string bass, favorite guitar is a Cort MGM-1 that I won from Guitar Player magazine in June of 1998 and I have a Carvin Cobalt series C-980 Jumbo Acoustic that can't be beat by the best Martin or Taylor out there). My bass rig is (surprise) a full Carvin stack, with an R600 head, a 15" bottom and 4X10 top. I have an all tube Mesa Boogie for my guitars ( in addition to 6 other guitar amps). Also, I have a POD 2.0 which is the best investment I have made in a long time. My drums are Pearl Forum series. I have a Roland HP237 digital piano that sounds AWESOME! And my recording equipment consists of a Roland VS-2480 Digital Recording Workstation, with every piece of peripheral equipment from Roland that you can imagine, including a CD burner, level meter bridge, monitor, effects cards, etc. I also have a full set of Shure Beta drum mics, an AKG C3000B mic, 3 CAD 95 mics, assorted SM57's and SM58's, and various overhead mics. There's way too much to list it all, but that's the main stuff.

Contact Info

Email: mmorales@meridianautosystems.com