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About TearsofSirion

TearsofSirionI live in good ol' baltimore with my son, fiancee and cat. In addition to music, I have a job, homeschool my son, work on my drawing, and read a lot. I'm a singer-songwriter trying to get some sort of demo together, but I need to get comfortable with my equipment first, so it's going to take awhile.

My Studio

I sing through a Shure SM58, connected to my Behringer Xenyx 1622x mixer via XLR. I play an Alvarez acoustic/electric into the board, and am trying to mike it with a Shure SM57 as well. I also have an Alesis SR-16 as a drum machine, plugged into the board through 1/4 cable for Left and Right. I'm using the UCA200 USB CODEC that came with the mixer and I've finally gotten it to work in Krystal Audio Engine, which i plan on using to mix and then export to Audacity.

Contact Info

Email: goldberryofthewaters@yahoo.com
Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/tearsofsirion
Yahoo: Eowyn_Rohan