Lexalotacus - Mamma Jamma
Member Profile - 05/20/2007

About Lexalotacus

Im trying to get into this awesome recording arts program at this college but they only let in 15 out of 400 that apply so...

I love home recording and guitar.

My Studio

Dell Inspiron e1501:
AMD Turion 64x2 dual core TL-56
2gigs ram
120 GB HD
Radeon xpress 200m
Vista home premium

Line 6 toneport
(primary sound device)

Sonar 6 PE
(recording, mixing, etc...)

Reason 3.0
(sampling, programming, percussion)

Soundforge 8.0
(audio editing, mastering...)

Audio technica AT2020 condenser mics

M-audio studio powered monitors

Fender strat w/ Noiseless hot pickups
Fender twin (evil twin) amp

(Anyone has any suggestions to get a better recording than the ones I posted let me know)

Contact Info

Email: Lexalotacus@excite.com
AIM: Lexalotacus