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Contributor Profile - 05/20/2007

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55 year old retired electrical designer and Vietnam USAF vet who loves hard rockin' music. (Damage Plan, Van Halen, Audioslave's first LP, Soundgarden, Godsmack, Drowning Pool, Cream, Led Zep, Who, etc.)I've played guitar and mandolin since 1959. keys since 1965, bass since 1972. My dad was a really good country fiddler and needed someone to accompany him. He bought me a mandolin at age seven and taught me to play all the old hoedown favs. I took up the bass when I found a lead/drummer duo that knocked my socks off. I bought a used EB-0 and a Sunn Coliseum amp and we were three. I now know that the bassist is the anchor and the drummer is the conductor of any band. They are the rhythm section.

My Studio

I own...
ESP-LTD Viper bass guitar w/EMG passive pups
Ovation Celebrity 12 string guitar cherry burst
Kay mandolin
Ernie Ball Musicman Strat
Casio midi keyboard
Concertmate 900 synth. keyboard
Peavey TNT 115 bass combo amp
Peavey Microbass practice amp
Peavey Rage 165 amp
M-Audio Delta 1010LT audio interface
2 Intel/Gigabyte 2.6GHz PCs with 2 Gb DDR ram, 230Gb SATA HDDs
Behringer Xenyx1832FX mixer
2 Gemini 400W powered PA/Keyboard speakers
3 Shure SM-58s
3 Shure SM-57s
1 Marshall MX-57 LDC
Sansui QX2000 1000W stereo amp
2-Cerwin Vega 200W 15" 3-way loudspeakers
2-Teac stereo cassete decks
2 Behringer B2031A 125W 8.75" studio monitors
4 AKG K55 closed back headphones
Sonar 6 Home XL

That's all the major stuff......

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