McMerkin - Hobbyist musician,pro recorder
Member Profile - 05/15/2007

About McMerkin

Drummer, guitar, (keys and bass purely for fill-in), former radio and recording engineer, sound reinforcement man, etc.

Wrote songs long ago, nothing in recent years. Recorded them on mono sound on sound, two linked stereo reel to reels or Teac 4 channel. Just for fun, to see if I could do it. Many experiments were quite flawed, one or two didn't turn out too badly.

Nowadays I record on Audacity on a computer, and the quality and ease of use is so much better,thuough I do miss the days of tape...

My Studio

Beat up old Hofner Macca bass copy
Ludwig drums Classic set (made 2-66, same setup as Ringo except champagne rather than oyster shell).
Casio small keyboard
Takamine 12-string guitar (main instrument)
Classic nylon 6 string guitar
Standard 6 string steel string guitar
Alesis Multimix 8 channel USB mixing board
Sennheiser 421 mic
Assorted other little gimcracks (bongos, toy accordian, recorder, etc.).
First Act Lara electric guitar
old Harmony solidbody guitar
3 Shure PG58 vocal mics
1 MXL large diaphragm condensor mic
Tambourines and shakers
Marshall 30 watt amp
Monoprice sunburst Les Paul copy
Danelectro electric 12 string

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