End of Fall - Mikey Spencer
Member Profile - 04/26/2007

About End of Fall

Currently residing in Maui, Hawaii but next year i'll be off in Orange County.

My Studio

Imac G5

Phonic Helix Board 12 firewire interface

Yamaha MG16 mixer

Gem Sound power amp

3x Kustom PA speakers

Art tube MP project series pre amp

Art HeadAmp 4 headphone amp

Mackie MR8 monitors on auralex MoPads

M-audio axiom 49 MIDI controller

Beyer Dynamic DT 770 headphone (as well as other various headphones)

Rode NT1

Behringer C-1

Shure SM57

Samson S1

Karma K-micros

some fender passport mics....


Gibson Les Paul Studio

Fender Custom Strat with noiseless pickups

Rain Song grand auditorium

Mesa Boogie nomad

Epiphone valve jr combo

Park G25R

4 string Ibanez soundgear bass


- ernie ball volume pedal

- boss tu-2

- digitech ex-7

- ibanez tubescreamer

- danelectro tuna melt tremelo

- line 6 dl4

- line 6 fm4

- electro harmonix small clone

- electro harmonix nano small stone

- behringer digital delay

4pc billy blast custom drums kit (small scale)

- 12x6 snare * 10x6 rack tom * 14x10 rack/floor tom * 16x16 bass drum

- zildjian 14" new beats hi hats * 16" dream bliss crash * 18" dream bliss ride

- dw 7000 double bass pedal

Contact Info

Email: mspencer_kiheihs@yahoo.com