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About TheJazzyOne

I record stuff. I'm also a blogger. My Vikings blog is called The Viking Ship. It's located at

I also write a Creative Music blog that's located at

And, I just started a Minnesota Twins blog. It's located at

My Studio

I track on my computer. I have a Behringer ADA0800 preamp plugged into my E-MU 1212m sound card to give me plenty of channels

For mics I have several CAD MP10's, a Shure SM57, two Shure SM58s, two Nady SCM 950 Condensers and a Behringer B-1 condenser.

I have two ART pre-amps, a NADY 15 band EQ and a compressor that I can't remember the brand name right off my head.

For mixing I use Reaper, which is an amazing program that you need to try. Right now for mastering I'm using Soundforge, but I'm looking into switching to something new.

As far as instruments, I have a Marshall TSL100 amp, a variety of guitars to choose from, including an Ephiphone Les Paul, a Fender Strat, a Gibson SG, an Ibanez Artcore and a few other misc guitars.

I have a variety of ways to get my guitar sound... I can either mic my Marshall, use the direct out from the amp (which is surprisingly good), use my V-Amp, or go directly into the computer and use the amps from SimuAnalog's guitarSuite, which is also highly recommended.

I usually record bass direct thru one of my V-Amp, but sometimes I also use Amp simulators on it.

I play drums, but I rarely record them anymore. I've taken a lot of time over the past couple of years learning how to make programmed drums sound real, so that's usually the avenue I take. My church has a set of electric drums that I'll use from time to time, too. These days I only mic drums if I'm recording a band.

I also love to experiment with sound, so I keep a keyboard (for audio and MIDI) and lots and lots of VSTi's handy at all times. I also tend to collect lots of smaller cheaper instruments... harmonicas, tambourines, cowbells, woodblocks, whistles, recorders, flutes... whatever else I can find. You never know when they'll be handy!

Contact Info

AIM: TJazzy1
Yahoo: jazzyjason