Member Profile - 04/30/2002

About tbone

in a band, path of sound

My Studio

toshiba laptop, 600 mhz, 160 ram, 6 gigs (ugh) of harddrive (for now), mainly using Sonar for mixing, Sound Forge for mastering. Nuendo for masters too.

as for my other gear, i've got
-a litle peavey rage 112 that i haven't used with my guitar forever.
-a line 6 flextone II special edition (it's brown and looks wicked cool)
-an aria classical guitar circa 1970s
-a samick strat rip off that is slowly deteriorating, the guts have been replaced with a single emg 81 in the bridge position
-an ibanez tr bass
-AND NOW... a super amazing gibson sg special with faded finish, ebony finger board and crescent moon inlays. its awesome and a half

Contact Info

Email: pathofsound@yahoo.com
Homepage: www.pathofsound.com