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About raythemetalhead

Attempting a home studio.
Made the move to more equipment.
Heavy Metal, Death Metal,Black Metal, Thrash Metal...
Looking to record quality audio with gear i dont understand LOL
Thanks in advance for all your help!!!

My Studio

Roland 840EX Work Station(anyone wanna buy it? LOL )
Behringer UB2442FX Mixer ( for real drums and band jams )
Event studio monitors,AKG D112,AKG C1000's,Sure 58,Sure 57's
A ton of effects pedals ,ART SGE MACH II Effects Rack
Guitars: Schecters (Hellraiser with EMGs,BlackJack with Duncans )
Bass: BC Rich Warlock
Drums: A used Tama set that is ORANGE ! ! !
Amps: Peavey XXL Head into a Crate 4X12 Cab
Line6 UX2 Tone Port with Gearbox
Reaper for software
Dell Inspiron I1720 Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T7100 @ 1.80Ghz
2GB of Memory 32 Bit Operating System Windows Vista Home

Contact Info

Email: yar200398@yahoo.com