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About Dono

A veteran of the Dallas Club scene, Dono began writing and recording music in the early 80's, after ending the chase of fame and fortune as a professional golfer. Four track cassette to 8-track reel to reel, Lee was the principal songwriter and producer for 3 albums recorded by North Texas-based Christian Rock bands Zuriel and Truth Farm. In 1994 Lee took a hiatus from music in order to be with his family and to work on his day job, which affords the opportunity to record original music.

In the year 2000 Dono was lured out of retirement by his good buddy Dudley and the band Codger ( was formed to perform "Essential Rock and Rock", an eclectic mix of rock, country, pop, and a whole lotta stuff you normally don't hear from a four piece bar band. Of course, as a result, the recording bug finally bit again as Dono's sons became interested and drug him back into recording. The rest is history - Dono hopes you enjoy his music

My Studio

DAW: AMD Opteron 175 64bit Processor, 2GB Memory, 3 120GB Hard Drives in an Antec Sonata Quiet Case

Cakewalk Sonar 5 Producer (Soon to upgrade to v. 6)
Various Soft Synths and Effects
Presonus Firepod
Various Mics, Shure, Marshall, AKG, etc.
Yamaha NS10m monitors (bought them in 1984!)
Korg M1 used as MIDI Controller. Still ticking!
Various outboard keyboards for vintage analog sounds
Line 6 Pod
Various Amps, Marshall Super Lead and half stack, Little Peavy, Crate JM100, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Les Paul Custom Sunburst (I think its a mid 70's - killer axe)
Fender Telecaster James Burton model
Fender Stratocaster Texas Model
Rickenbacker 360/12
Rickenbacker 360
Ibanez RoadStar (fixing to be restored)
Epiphone Gibson Head banger looking thing
Takamine ESF10c Acoustic/Electric
Ovation Balladeer Cutaway Acoustic/Electric (1982)
Yamaha Bass
Numerous pedals for live work

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