Jminor - Jak of all trades Master of none
Member Profile - 08/21/2006

About Jminor

Only just starting to record and learning a lot in the process. Trying to make the most of the cheap equipment i have.

My Studio

DAW: Dell GX110 / PIII 533Mhz / 384Mb RAM / Delta 44 / Win98 SE, Cubase VST 3.65
Behringer UB1622FX-PRO mixer
Behringer B1 condenser mic
Akai S1000 Sampler
Yamaha R1000 digital reverb
Roland TD3 V-Drums
Behringer V-amp2
Yamaha F310 acoustic, Yamaha CG-110SA nylon, Samick SA-31 electric (custom modified strat copy)
Marshall MG15DFX

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