n1ck - student with too much free time!
Member Profile - 04/17/2006

About n1ck

n1ckI'm a 20 yr old student at The University of Newcastle (UK) reading geography. Music is one of my hobbies. Worked for a year to save up money and now have a fairly basic studio in our old laundry room. It's fun!

More at www.myspace.com/nickwatsonmusic

My Studio

PC: 3.5GHz
160GB Hard Drive

Beringer Mixer UB1832FX

2 x Takstar small Condenser mics
1 x CAD large condenser mic.
1 x Sennnheiser e835

Cheapie Manhattan(?) starter kit.
UFIP/Sabian Cymbals
Remo Heads

Alesis DM5 electronic kit

Washburn Idol
Ibanez Gio
Yamaha Pacifica
Court Acoustic

Yamaha Keyboard

1 tambournine

big Nippon Speakers

And lots and lots of wires.

Contact Info

Email: nicholaswatson@hotmail.com
Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/nickwatsonmusic