Bruno - The Quiet Minded
Member Profile - 01/01/2003

About Bruno

I am an all around musician, I play the guitar, drums and I sing. Now I am discovering the recording fantastic world!
I have just started investing in my own amateur home studio, I think I have just the equipment I need. You tell me.

My Studio

-Delta 44
-Shure SM58, ShureSM57, Shure SM47
-MXL V69
-MXL 603S
-Behringer's Autocom Pro Dynamics Processor
-Behringer Mixers UB-2442FX,UB-802 and MX-602
-Behringer DI-100 direct box
-AKG 240 monitor headphones
-Classic nylon stringed acoustic guitar
-Ibanez 15w Guit Amp
-Pearl Rythm Traveller Drumset with Sabian Pro cymbals plus a Sabian Carmine Appice China.
-P4-1.6 with 1280MB.
-Vegas 5.0

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