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About lucky13

26 years old, married w/ no kids.

Graduated from Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences.
Certified in many computer audio programs and outboard gear.
Professional audio engineer currently starting a production company.

My Studio

Pro Studio: Yamaha O2R w/ T.C. Electronics card. Alesis HD24. Neumann, AKG, Shure, AT, etc... mics. Pro Tools 888 I/O w/ PT v. 5 (not used for anything except auto need to upgrade). Yamaha Baby Grand Piano. Hammond B3 W/ Leslie. Many 1/4" 2 track mixdown machines. (The studio owner restores these)

Project Studio: Mbox 2, Mac Mini 1.42 Ghz w/ 1GB ram., AKG, Shure mics.

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