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46 yr old male been playing 30 years. i've been in bands off &on but last 6 months hav starte playing solo gigs with backing trax, i am learning to create in "home studio" ver 2. i am new to computers and even newer to
DAW etc. somtimes overwhelmed by the process, but gratifing miost of the time

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mid 80s strat [japan] with active EMGs, 78 tele,black& heavy, yamaha solid top acoustic, brand new epi joe pass, all axes LH. yamaha emx 660 p.a. 12" cabs& moniters, shure beta 58s, ampeg 212 reverbrocket, blond fender blues junior. computer AMD sempron 64 asus mb, 1 gig patriot ram 250 gig sata, sapphire 256 agp, creative adugy 2, [soon to be replaced with m-audio delta 44 creative 2.1 speakers, XP ser. pack 2, cakewalk HS2, edirol "super quartet" dxi.

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