Goldenmean87 - Conjurer of Emotion
Member Profile - 01/14/2006

About Goldenmean87

I am into many forms of music and I aspire to score film and games for a living. HRC is my home skillet :)

My Studio


Behringer Eurorack UB222FX-PRO mixer
DBX 266XL Compressor/Gate
DBX 1215 Graphic Equalizer
BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer
Roland XV-5050 rack-synth
E-MU 1820 Audiodock and 1010 PCI card
Line 6 PODxt
Digitech GNX3
SM57 mics x2
Groove Tubes Large Diaphram condenser
Blue ball phantom powered dynamic mic
Yamaha DJX
M-Audio Keystation Pro 88
Evolution U-Control UC-33 Control Surface
Boss DR-670 drum machine
Crate vintage club60 VC-6112 tube amp
Half Stack (Peavy transtube supreme head, Ampeg 4x12 cab)
2 KRK V8 active studio monitors
Furman merrit series power conditioner

...I have more stuff but thats pretty much what is in my setup now...


Guitars and Bass:

Fender 12 string elec/acoustic
Yamaha Classical acoustic
Takamini accoustic
Schecter Diamond Series 12-string electric
Schecter Diamond Series 7-string electric
Dean 7-string Avalanche Ultra7 with Floyd Rose Floating Bridge
Schecter 5-string Stiletto custom 5 Bass Guitar


Wooden Djembe
several Irish Whistles
Chromatic Flute
a few Fifes
a few harmonicas
a few moracas and shakers

---PC's and Software---

Primary PC:

Pentium 4 3.0Ghz CPU 800Mhz FSB
Asus P5ND2 SLI motherboard DDR2, SATA II
2 Western Digital SATA HDD 250gb each and 16mb cache
600W Cooler master power supply
PNY GeForce graphics card 7300GS PCIe 256MB DDR2
Sony 52x/32x/52x CD-RW drive
Sony DVD-RW drive
32" Widescreen LCD

Secondary PC:

...I'm rusty on some of the things in there...

AMD Athlon XP 2600+ 1.15Ghz
Western Digital 40GB HDD and 160GB HDD
450W Power Supply
Memorex 48x/24x/48x CD-RW and 16x DVD playback


Sony Vegas 5.0
Home Studio 2XL
Cool edit Pro 2.0
Gold Wave
Sonic Foundry 5.0
Motu Symphonic Instrument
Many misc. apps

...I am looking to get many needed plug-ins and more sample software in the near future...

Contact Info

AIM: SelfEmployed87