Izzy Dutch - 'The Flying Dutchman'
Member Profile - 01/11/2006

About Izzy Dutch

I'm 26 years old and from the Netherlands.

I like to play guitar and write/record songs. My favorite bands are Guns N' Roses, Queen, Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Toots & The Maytals, Ramones, AC/DC and Izzy Stradlin.

I'm a rhythm guitarist in heart and my biggest influence aka musical hero is the guitarplayer from Guns N' Roses, Izzy Stradlin. Excellent songwriting.. his albums are pure rock n' roll like the Stones, mixed with some punkrock, surfrock, reggae and country.

I've been playing guitar since 1999 and since early 2004 I discovered homerecording and this site. I started writing and recording songs since then and about every 5 months orso I'll record an album, make some coverart for it and voila..


My Studio

Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Epiphone ES-175
Yamaha FG730S acoustic
Squier Jazz Bass 1970 Vintage Custom
Marshall JCM2000 DSL401 amp
Volcano 20W bass amp

EZdrummer with different Expansion Packs.

Shure Beta 57a microphone
Behringer UB802 mixer

I use Kristal Audio Engine or Reaper for making demos (I like the simpleness, big overview), my main DAW for a while was Adobe Audition 3.0 for tracking/mixing and Izotope Ozone for mastering. Currently I'm using Presonus' StudioOne, for future projects on the to-use wishlist are Cubase 5.1, Nuendo 4.1 and FLStudio 9.

Contact Info

Homepage: www.myspace.com/rednsongs