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Member Profile - 10/08/2005

About kennethwsmithjr

kennethwsmithjrTook piano lessons for 10 years from my mother. Started college, and dropped the music for mechanical engineering. I'm getting back into it, and am going to start putting a hobby recording studio together in efforts to do some composing via guitar, bass, piano, and vocals. Very little vocal talent, but I can hold a pitch.

I have an obsession with building computers... I could do it/research parts all day and not get bored with it.

My Studio

Right now its just a computer, M-audio Firewire 18/14, Casio Privia PX-300, a partscaster (fender japan rosewood slim-c-neck, mexican alder body, minibucker neck, single coil bridge), peavy cirrus 4 electric bass, bugera v5, a boss distortion pedal, sm-58, NADY dynamic mic of some sort, a few cables, and my grandfather's old 3/4 size acoustic guitar (had some work done on it to get it playable again).

Computer specs:
Desktop: AMD 955BE, 2gb crucial pc6400 ram (2x1gb), 500 gb samsung sata II hd, XP Pro, 500 gb external USB HD, PCI Express XFX 5770, ASUS MB, add-on 1394 and USB PCI cards.

Sibelius 4, ableton live lite 8. Nothing else yet. Planning to get Cakewalk Project/Maybe Reaper.