J. SCOTT - Help I'm stuck in Utah!!!!!!!!!
Member Profile - 12/10/2002

About J. SCOTT

J. SCOTT27, In Air Force, Stationed in Utah

My Studio

Tama Rockstar drum set, Audio Technica drum mics, Behringer GX212 Blue Devil amp,Zakk Wylde Sig Epi Les Paul, Ace Frehley Sig Epi Les Paul, Epi Les Paul Jr. B.C. Rich N.J. Warlock, Building my first for studio use only computer, Yamaha 10 channel mixer, some 8 Channel mixer I picked up over here
Morley Bad Horsie and Lil Alligator pedals, a RP 100 processor, Oktava mk 319 and 012 mics. Various 57 and 58 style mics.

Contact Info

Email: scott@twintwelve.com
Homepage: http://www.twintwelve.com
AIM: aceofaxe
Yahoo: aceofaxe69