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Member Profile - 09/13/2005

About Flashman

Hello there!

I Hail from Birmingham England, though I am in fact an exile from Kipling's green county of Sussex.

I'm 24 and have a joint honours degree in Ancient History and History from the university of Wales, Cardiff.

I work as a freelance community musician providing music workshops for primary school children and toddlers. I'm also trying to earn money recording local acoustic acts in my little studio (the Womb) while I look for a canal boat to live on.

Thanks for reading,

Nathan (Flashy)

My Studio

The Womb!

My setup is as follows...


Dell 3100, Pentium IV 3.00 ghz, 2 GB RAM, running XP and Adobe Audition 2.0
Event TR5 active monitors
Beyerdynamic DT250 headphones
Studio Projects B3
Studio Projects B1
T-Bone SC180 (stereo pair of samll diaphragm condensers)
Shure SM57
Senheiser E835 dynamic.
AKG D80 dynamic
Foster DF12 dynamic
Behringer Mic 200 Tube Pre-amp
Behringer UB 1204 PRO mixing desk
Delta 44 Soundcard/Box X 2
Tasacm 414 MK II Portastudio (used as a monitor mixer)


Eavestaff mini upright piano, American Tele, Squire Bass, Olympic drum kit, crappy cymbals, framus 5-string banjo I can't play, a classical my grandad made, a jumbo my grandad made, a beautiful lakewood D1 dreadnought, various percussion, chromatic harmonica, rubbish keyboards. Oh yeah, and an omnichord that won't work.


Fender Twin
Marshall MG250 DFX twin
Trace Elliot Boxer Bass Amp
Some other little 15 watt amps

Contact Info

Email: comerockuk@hotmail.com
Homepage: http://www.recordinthewomb.co.uk
MSN: recordinthewomb@hotmail.co.uk