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About jimmyboy

Just a young guy homing to make a career out of music, be it playing or recording. All the recording gear listed below is my fist lot of recording gear. It cost me a month of works pay but i think it was worth it...

Thought I would update this! Since iv started using the site im a little older and a littler wizer! bought some new gear recently. The new Pc has really helped and the tone-port is a really great piece of equipment. Still nowhere near finishing my studio but getting what I can afford as I can.

regarding my musical background, I began playing piano when I was 7 at my parents will and as much as i hated it at the time now i am grateful for it. The, much to my parents displeasure, i began banging the drums and have done so ever since. I also began playing bass, which lead onto guitar about 7 years ago. I play dums in a few different band but I have yet to get involved in anythin which has really went much further that a few local gigs. At heart im a metal head, and I am a big fan of extreme forms of metal such as grindcore,death and black metal. I do however enjoy all types of music and lately I find myself becoming more obsessed with writing a score for a film. I just love the challence of writing music bases around one certain tune, alterations of that tune being played for 40 minutes and changing but staying the same (if that makes sence to anyone! listen to meshuggahs catch 33 and you will understand)
Anyway enough about me!

My Studio

Line 6 Tone Port UX2
Behringer Eurorack1002fx+1622

T-bone drum mics
Shure Sm-57 (X 2)

Pearl Kit with Sabian Cymbals
Fender Bass
TERRIBLE hohner guitar (next on the shopping list, an american fender start)
Nice Fender Acoustic
Banjo (it was my dads, i learn to play it proberly some day!)
Some interesting bits and bobs I picked up while travelling

Laney 120 watt bass amp (gets a great heavy guitar sound)
Marshall Cab with a tube valve head.
P.A setup for shows and jamming
IBM ThinkCentre Desktop
1GB Ram
80GB sized harddrive
Windows XP

Cool Edit Pro
Cakewalk Guitar Studio
Fruity Loops Producer Edition
Ableton Live (line6 edition)
Line 6 Gear Box

Huge Variety of VST plugins, many that came with software and as freeware.
Includes compressers, pitchshifters,synths,effects ectect