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A couple of years ago, a major music chain went out of business and I purchased a whole lot of music gear dirt cheap. Probably the best deals were a Delta 1010, and a Roland SH32, and some musical instruments for my sons. I've always wanted to work in a recording studio and I make good $ so... why not my own studio to keep me busy when I retire from the energy business in a few years. I want to help those with musical gifts who can't afford to pay for professional recording as well as supplement my income (or at least help pay for all this gear)! Also want to provide high quality, but affordable recordings for Christian musicians, churches, etc. New to recording and reading everything I can get my hands on! Sooo much to learn!

My Studio

2 P4 2.5Ghz 1G, 200G Hd, P4 Laptop 3Ghz 1000k 60 G Hd w/160G ext drive., Apogee Rosetta 800/192,Delta 1010, 1010LT, VSL 2020 (2), Apogee Big Ben, Firewire 410, BBE 882, Presonus digimax LT, Eureka w/2496 DAC, Mindprint DTC w/2496 AD/DA, Avalon Vt737sp (2), Antares AM1, DBX 386, 266, 166, Behringer HXPro, Alesis RA 150, RA 500, KRK ?? Monitors, M-Audio BX-5, EV-100 Monitors, Keystation Pro 88, Radium 61, Yamaha Clavinova, Hundai Baby Grand, Cubase SX2, Sonar 4 Producer, Samplitude 8 Pro, Arturia Minimoog V, Arturia Moog Modular V, Reason 3, Hypersonic (3), U87ai, TLM 103, AKG414BLS, KSM 44, KSM 109 (2), NT2000, MXL 990, Octava 319 (2), C02 (2), MXL V63, MXL 2001 (2), MXL 603, MXL 993 (2), (2),Mackie 24/4 VLZ Pro, Spirit (Soundcraft) Folio, Tascam DA88Mk2,and on and on.

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