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About dragonorchid

dragonorchidI run a small Recording Facility called "The Rock Factory" in Auckland New Zealand. We run in a "Storage Shed", and do really cheap recordings for local rock bands (including our own), but even if we do it cheap and with minimal gear, we still try to get the best sound possible with what we have.
http://www.therockfactory.net is my webpage, we have a little forum on there too and act like a support group for local bands.

I have a bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Studied Sound Recording at SAE.

My Studio

I record into: Protools LE in a Mac, digi 001 using a Fostex VF160 as preamps going directly in to PC via ADAT. I use Shure, AKG and Rode microphones. I usually consolidate all files in protools and then import take all the files into Adobe Audition on my PC for mixing (at home)... for some reason I really like this program (yes, it's "Cool Edit" upgraded - love it).

I concentrate on capturing the input sound as realistically and clearly as possible, then I have more choices when I mix, and the band also get a chance to hear their "real" sound ( even though I do tweaking, some movement of instruments, cut/paste, compression, reverb, fx and EQ) I add these to every mix, but I do it in a way to enhance what I consider to be their signiture sound. Not over produced, but subtly enhanced and polished so people can see the potential. That is how I consider what I do, and I really enjoy seeing the look on band members faces when they hear the final product, and I can say, "But hey, you know that IS what you really sound like mixed though".

Contact Info

Email: michelle@therockfactory.net
Homepage: http://www.therockfactory.net
MSN: dragonorchid@hotmail.com