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Member Profile - 03/23/2005

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buffalo is definatley the place to be. not for the weather, of course but more for the music. im currently starting a little label called Autumn Design for the local cats to get their music into people's ears. playin lead guitar in The Autumn Design (the same name as the recording thing), an emorock band thats workin its way up the buffalo scene's food chain. the best bands you ask? circa survive, mars volta, co+ca, saosin, anything thats thought out and enjoyable. check us out at the link below for some good music.

My Studio

Fostex VF-160EX, Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100, Fender Strat Plus w/ EMG David Gilmour Series Pickups, Fender American Jazz Bass, 1964 Fender Bassman w/ matching 2x15 cab, Marshall .5 cab 2x12, PDP drums, Shure 57's and 58's, Shue PG series drum mics, AKG condensers and samson c02 pencil condensers

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AIM: Dwolf87