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About mickthaman

I've been playing piano as long as I remember, and I like to think it may take me somewhere.. someday...! I also play guitar, drums and sing and write my own songs. My major love is composition, and my ideal job would be composing for film. I've recorded 1 album a year or so ago on a P166, which crashed if i left it for 5 mins.. ah those were the days.. and I've been recording various tunes on my new computer

My Studio

4 in/out delta 44
behringer ub 1204pro
rode nt1, various t-bone mics from thomann
edirol pcr-50 midi keyboard
gemini decks, numark mixer
tannoy reveals
Roland stage piano

Contact Info

Email: mrsmileface@hotmail.com
MSN: mrsmileface@hotmail.com