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Member Profile - 02/03/2005

About Kaos62

English 40yr old drummer new to home recording. Living in France. Playing in a garage rock band and a another band country blues folk

My Studio

ESP1010 WaMi Rack sound card

Sonar PE

UB2442FX Pro

Truth B2031A monitors

Roland VS1680 Digital recording Studio (now used for mobile and small projects elsewher)

2 x 2 channel compressor gate

Blue tube preamp

Mics: Shure sm58, sm57, samson dynamic, Audio Tech 4050, Audio tech 2020, AKG D112 + lots of crap dynamic mics + stag small condensers, Stagg Kick drum mic

Rubbish Mixing Desk (8channel) PA System etc...

Tama starclassic 5 piece and 8" maple snare
Sabian Zildjan paiste cymbals
Tama Hardware
Evans Heads
Weckle evo stix

Small percussion

Fender amp head & very old Carlsbo speaker cab
Peavy 300w Bass amp & Hughes 4x12 speaker cab
Epiphone SG & Les Paul
Crappy bass


Lefty gtrs

Martin Accoustic
Flemenco Accoustic
Washburn Accousic
Takamine Accoustic
Gibson SG
Fender Strat
Squire Strat
Crappy bass
Peavy Classic 50 AMP
Lots of pedals & Big Muff
Fender Bluesbreaker Amp

Contact Info

Email: nick.kennedy@club-internet.fr
Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/dirtyshow1
MSN: ntkennedy@hotmail.com