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Member Profile - 12/05/2004

About pkearney

Played guitar in garage bands for a years. Now have begun to setup a small studio for solo projects & duo work with a buddy. Low cost is key to my project, but I need decent enough quality so that when I burn a cd it will impress some friends.

I work in I.T. & Telecom for a local utility.

My Studio

Fender Strat
Toneworks AX100 Guitar Effects
Takamine 300 Acoustic
Duncan Woody XL Soundhole Pickup
Zoom 504II Acoustic Effects
Behringer UB1222FX-PRO Analog Mixer
Behringer UB802 Analog Mixer
Nady SP1 Dynamic LoZ Mics x 2
Gemini 60x2 RMS Power Amp
A Pair of Jensen JP500 Monitors
Hartke 90w 15" Bass Amp Combo as Subwoofer
Yamaha Electric Piano w/MIDI out
Evolution 1x1 MIDI/USB Converter

Homebrew DAW PC:
AMD K6-2/500
384mb ram
2 x 40g HDs
Chaintech AV-710 PCI Soundcard (VIA Envy24 Chip)
Acid 4.0

Contact Info