Tom P. - Hillbilly Deluxe
Member Profile - 11/25/2004

About Tom P.

been playing music now for 35 years,im 41 now, An Air Force vet. served 10 years and 2 wars and would do it all again if they'd let me. been very lucky to have played music on the road with alot of great people, till the passing of my agent which then forced me to get a "real" job. I still play about 125 gigs a year locally and enjoy just as much now as when i started out. I love country music as well as classic and southern rock but have no problems brining in any style of music to the home studio. im all for helping people get started in the business. "just enjoy your music"

My Studio

behringer, alesis, takamine, pearl, fender,
P4, 512, 80gb sys hd, 80gb audio hd, 120gb audio hd
echo layla 20 bit x2
echo layla 24
cubase vst 5, cep2
m-audio duo
presonus blue tube pre x2
shure 57's 58's and pg series drum kit mic's

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