Member Profile - 09/24/2002

About the_germ

Musical Theater Major @ Campbell University.
Recording Tec. for the CU Music Dept.
Sound Designer for the CU Theater Dept.
CU Scott Concert Hall Manager
Sound Op. for Burning Coal Theatre Company
Halo Recording Studio (owner, manager, tec., producer)

My Studio

Windows MMe
Pentium III
128 RAM
40G HD (2)
Red Rover
Santa Cruse Turtle Cove Snd. card
Aardvark Direct Pro Q10
Red Rover (Syntrillium)
Alesis 3630 Dual-Channel Compressor/Limiter with Gate
Oktava Mk319
Senheiser 832
2 BEATA SM 57s
5 Sure SM58
2 BEATA SM 57s
Radio Shack Mic (recorded an entire album with)
Cool Edit Pro 2.0
Steinberg Wave Lab 4.0
Cakewalk Pro Audio 9
Fruity Loops 3.4
Finale 2001b
Mackie 8ch Mixer
12ch yamaha (retired but still used)
a external CD-R
Fender strat
Ovation Celebrity Delux (thin body)
Applause accustic
Dean Marly insertable Pickup
Zoom 505 pedal
Boss Distortion pedal.
Kustom 200w Amp Head
Crate 15w DSP Amp
Casio WK-1500
AKG K-110 M Headphones (2 pair)

Contact Info

AIM: ja462