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Member Profile - 10/14/2004

About dansaltdog

I'm a drummer in a band. we have a rehearsal studio in which we wanted to install recording equipment so as not to rely on other people to get the sound that we want. Problem was, no one knew how to operate it. I volunteered and learnt the recording process whilst recording our first album. The results were not too bad considering that I hadn't the first idea of how to use the equipment. but it is amazing how necessity teaches you. I've mixed down a couple of other bands since and been pleased with the results and am about to embark on a new recording for the band.

My Studio

Studio master 32 track mixing desk
Fostex E-16 reel to reel tape machine
Nad amplifier
linn Kan monitors
numerous sure SM58 microphones
a condenser mic (make escapes me)
Alesis compressors
Alesis midi verb
Zoom multi effects
A couple of multi band graphics
a million wires that double up as a hammock
fridge full of booze

Mapex deep forest drum kit
Guitar things
banjos (serious plural banjo thing going on)
percussion stuff

Contact Info

Email: dansaltdog@hotmail.com
Homepage: http://dansaltdog.tripod.com/