Member Profile - 09/09/2004

About BJT

I record at home. Mostly at night after I put the kids to bed. My musical styles range from hard rock, to hip hop, R&B, and old groovin' 70's style high energy dance.

I use ACID loops for my drum tracks/percussion/synths
I record live bass and guitar tracks
Then I send everything to a buddy of mine for vocals.
He sends me the isolated vocal tracks back and I assemble the song/edit/mixdown

My Studio

Dell 8400 PC.
Guitar: Old Eddie VH Kramer (Pacer Series)
Bass Guitar: OLP
I run my guitar through a PODxt (greatest invention on the planet)
I run my bass through a SANSAMP Tech 21
I record EVERYTHING into ACID 3.0 (and it sounds AWESOME!)

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