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Member Profile - 11/08/2010

About Bigbluesman

Clay St. Blues Allstars - Louisville, KY

My Studio

Recording Gear
HP Pavilion with XP
Audiophile 192 sound card
Behringer 4 channel mixer
Crate PCM powered mixer (on-board amplifiers are shot, so I just use the mixer part)
MXL 990 mic
Boss JS-5
Casio wk-3000 keyboard
Behringer FX2000
average bookshelf stereo for monitors
KY bourbon

Club Gear
Joe Barden pick-ups
Crate Palamino 32
Carvin 1200xl
Yamaha C215V (earlier edition) mains
Beringer 15 cabs for monitors
2-12 inch Monitor wedges (no name)
LED stage lights
KY bourbon

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