HRC Radio Version 2.0 Released

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The next generation of HRC Radio is available to logged in members

Right around the first of the year or so, HRC released the first version of it's online, streaming radio.

After a few weeks of use, analyzing the possibilities, getting user feedback and looking forward, we have now released the second version. It's new menu location is in the "Community" tab of the menu bar, right at the top, for logged in members.

This second version includes much more. The first version was a simple stream of all the available music on HRC. The second offers a customizable stream for each user.

Each user can select which genre or genre's they want to listen to, and a thumbs down vote on any particular song will exclude it from future play on their stream, regardless of being in the selected genre's or not. Thumbs up votes will be included in the existing algorithm to figure the "top charts" for the songs.


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