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  • On Jul 10 2008, 02:34 pm in Gear Gab
Supercharged ART V3 Pre-amps
Its been a while since my last post but i wanted to share this with all you guys, ok, so someguy gave me some ART V3 pre-amps for free. I really dont like "budget" vacum tube pre's since they only have one cheap tube just to color the sound but in fact is the same thing as an even cheaper solid-state pre, but i said hey for free right?.

So i have another friend that sells vacuum tubes, so i said, to hell with it i got it for free so im going to pimp them out, so i went and bought a pair of 12AX7 Telefunken tubes and threw the Art chinese tubes directly into the garbage and I also replaced the WANG-JIN-FOO whatever electrolytic caps with some Panasonic FM's.

Unbelievable, the sound changed in a huge way, i compared them, when i finished pimiping the first, i grabbed my 57 and sent the same signal into both pre's: one with the crappy tubes/caps and the other with the Telefunken/Panasonic. The sound is a whole different thing, and i dont mean different as in the typical "it sounds warmer and more alive" noooo, a WHOLE DIFFERENT perfectly grandma capable audible thing, starting only for the saturation of the tube, one seems that its going to burst out giving you some crackle and the Telefunken only distorts sweetly, you have to try for yourself.

Both pre's are no near a manley or a tube-tech or any other high-end stuff, but its pretty damn good and not very expensive (around 25-30 dlls to pimp them up).

So my advice is this: if you buy or own one of those cheap Behringer/Art or whatever tube pre-amps, do what i did, you'll be spending nothing compared to the benefits you'll have, it may be kind of troublesome to desolder the old caps and solder the new ones (i dont recommend this if you dont know what you are doing, if not try only changing the tube) but believe me you'll know it when you hear it. Cheers!!!

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  • On Jul 09 2008, 10:10 am in Gear Gab
what's a good midi controller???
Howdy chaps and chapetts,
i know nothing about midi controllers at this point and im keen as to buy one.
can someone/s lead me in the right direction in regards to this?

there is an Edirol 32 key one on ebay for $123 aud. would that be a good one to get? or too expensive?

will 32 keys be enough? etc etc.

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  • On Jul 08 2008, 07:52 pm in Gear Gab
Good Ribbon Mic?
I need one to experiment with, so obviously I'd like it to be a lower priced one. Like Under $300. I was looking at the Berhdynamic one. But, does anyone have any other suggestions?

It'll be mainly for high gain type guitar that need low end clarity and high end bite.
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  • On Jul 05 2008, 04:34 pm in Gear Gab
Bought my first tube amp...need gain boost solution
Yesterday, I became the proud owner of my first ever tube amp. I bought a used Peavey Classic 30 from our local (sort of) music store. Here's a stock photo:

I already gigged with it last night, and performed quite nicely. Some awesome twang on the clean channel, and some gritty bite on the lead channel.

I'm looking for some sort of solution for boosting the gain at the touch of a pedal. You know, so when I tear into one of my sloppy leads everyone can hear me. Presently, I just manually adjust the volume knob on my guitar, but that's not a very exact method, nor is it very consistent or even very easy to do on the fly. I really like the sound, so I'm not looking to add any effect. I just want to step on a pedal and have it be louder, and then step on it again to have it return to the way it was.

The guy at the music store suggested this:

but I though I'd better clear it with you guys first.

Any thoughts?


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  • On Jul 04 2008, 04:41 am in Gear Gab
anyone tried a Maxon 808OD pedal??
I just got one to replace my zoom 505.
my god! if anyones in the market for a great pedal, this is it.

the sound it puts out is awsome. such a rich anologue sound, great mids. perfect for all applications i would say.
all in all, the sounds is very surprising even when i was told how good it was to start with.
reccomended for sure.
its also known as a tubescreamer.
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  • On Jul 01 2008, 10:06 pm in Gear Gab
static from p.a. channel
This might have already been covered but I searched and couldn't find it if it has. I have a somewhat cheaper 4 channel P.A. and channel 3 is beginning to get some static going through it. Nothing is plugged into it.I don't even think it's a year old. Any ideas on what might be causing this?
Graham Smith
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  • On Jun 30 2008, 07:16 pm in Gear Gab
Teac A3440 tape recorder
Hi everyone. I'm a new member of this site and am enjoying the info. I've had my home studio gear since I was a teenager back in the late 70's and have only recently moved into the computer music space.

So here's my issue. I grew up with my trusty Teac A3440 4 track and learned how to ping pong tracks to get those mutli-track pieces recorded. Moving to Cakewalk (Sonar 6 LE) looks like heaven - and it's just the "light" version!

So do I sell off old faithful, or is there a reason to keep it (besides the nostalgia and the fact that to me it looks cool in my producer station)? From looking at eBay there certainly seems to be a market for good quality vintage gear (makes me feel old), and I could turn the cash into some more software. I have previously sold all of my analog synths, and whilst sometimes I regret it, I console myself with all the new gear I have since acquired.

What do people think?
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  • On Jun 30 2008, 04:27 pm in Gear Gab
best soundcard i can buy?
ICurrent have a tascam us 122..and it sounds good..but i been haven driver issues since i bought cpu crashes..everything and im looking to upgrade..i only need 1 mic input..what is the best under 1000 i can get?i wanted to get a mbox 2,but i use adobe 1.5 and dont plan on straying away to protools right away...let me know
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  • On Jun 30 2008, 02:46 pm in Gear Gab
connecting krk rokit 8 my tascam us 122?
wow ok im use to the speakers with the rca red white and yellow dips lol...

i have no clue how to hook these up,wat do i need?and they both have plugs,do i run the rca line into each of them or what..
my sounmdcard has rca unput,midi ,line in mic preamps and headphone inputs..please hlep
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  • On Jun 27 2008, 05:17 pm in Gear Gab
quik headphone amp question!
will a headphone amp help me to here my vocals better in the headphones?
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  • On Jun 27 2008, 10:55 am in Gear Gab
Need some cheap monitors
All I need are some examples of the CHEAPEST active studio monitors available.

The only criteria is that it

1. Makes sound

I can buy a cheap set of 2.1 speakers for $30, but there's no point because it won't sound like my actual recordings do. Up until now I've been using headphones, but whenever I take my recordings to my guitar teacher's house, everything sounds off.

So I'm just looking for some monitors (or even consumer speakers) that are ACCURATE.

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  • On Jun 26 2008, 09:24 pm in Gear Gab
$1,500.............which one?
I have $1500 in cash. Right now, my setup is:

Macbook Pro, Mbox2, midi controller, reason 4. I need some phat sounds other than what I have using reason. I am thinking about getting a keyboard.
Question: What keyboard for my price range do you think is a good keyboard that will have me busy for another 6 months, when I am ready to add another piece of equipment.

Thanks in advance for your replies!!!!
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