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  • On Nov 11 2008, 07:31 pm in Gear Gab
Axiom 49 Problem!!!help
OK so i was on my 49 key 1 day and it just stopped working. and now i dont know what wrong i know its not the way i set up my REASON 4.0 (MIDI) it's the 49 key its self. the LCD just flickers in and out and on and of and well not respond is there a reset on the 49 key?
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  • On Nov 08 2008, 08:34 pm in Gear Gab
Presonus firestudio FCC problems
Macbook pro ox 10.5 cubase 4.5 firestudio 26/26. when running my DAW with the CC it keeps crashing.

Has any one else had this problem?
what you do to fix it?
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  • On Nov 07 2008, 05:12 pm in Gear Gab
Can you help make sure this is right?
So, I'm new at this. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of stuff there is to learn. Anyway, to my question. I want to get a home recording/producing setup as a hobby. I'd play guitar, bass, keys, and hopefully get fairly proficient with some beat software. The key here is that it's just a hobby. I've been reading through guides, wanting to build this from scratch, but I'd like to go over it with you guys before I purchase anything, because I want to make sure I do this right.

My main goal is to be able to do some dub reggae; play all my tracks simultaneously and adjust each track in real time on the mixer. Does this make sense? Please forgive my lack of terminology here.

Sound Card:
Reverb/Echo Processor:;CJPID=1457553

I know the computer is minimal, but I have enough extra RAM laying around to get it up to 2 gigs, and I also have a spare monitor. I also know that I'd need monitors and mics eventually, but given that most of what I want to do is instrumental (plus the amount of time it's going to take to get started learning how to use all this), I'm not too worried about getting those immediately. So, with all that being said, would this setup allow me to do what I want? Am I leaving anything out?

Thanks in advance.
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  • On Nov 06 2008, 01:16 pm in Gear Gab
Upgrading my drum mics finally!!!
So I have been using an Audix F series drum mic kit for years now. Not a bad set for the price and have served me well.

I am in the process of upgrading my drum mics and figured I would share my findings.

I now use NT5's on my OH's, beings I don't have a treated room I go recorderman or standard x/y. I love these mics.

I recently picked up two of the Audix D1's which I am using on my snare and high tom. I am doing much less as far as surgical EQ to make things sound good. A small amount of carboard removal and they sound fantastic.

I use the D6 on the kick still as most things I record are on the heavier end of the spectrum. Pretty tough to get a bad sound with this mic.

Anyways, I am picking up a D2 to use on the second rack tom, or in the case of a 4 piece I will use it on the high tome and double mic the snare with D1's.

Am also getting a D4 for the floor tom (and kick when needing a more natural tone). With the joy that the D1's have brought me I am super excited to have all D class mics backed up by the NT5's.

Anyway, I will post some drum samples when I get them in. My neighbor sets his drums up in his living room which is quite large. Just recording in that room alone has brought major improvement to the sound.
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  • On Nov 01 2008, 11:46 pm in Gear Gab
anger management/demag power
I bought a demag from the states somwhere and just found out it wont plug into my wall socket here.

They told me that they shipped to Australia among other places but failed to tell me that it wouldnt fit here so im exercising anger managment atm.

question is, can i rip the plug off the piece of s*** and put on a 240 volt plug?
Or is it 110 volt only if it came from the States?
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  • On Oct 31 2008, 10:45 pm in Gear Gab
K-Micro drum pack clipping????
Hi there it seems that upon looking at some of my recordings made with my brand new drum mic pack are clipping. and that isn't clipping due to going over 0db it is actually clipping in the microphone elements. is this right? these are rated at 145 spl and it suprises me.. Does anyone else have experience with these mics?
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  • On Oct 29 2008, 07:17 pm in Gear Gab
Alesis SR-16 price
How much should a used, perfectly working Alesis SR-16 drum machine cost? I'm trying to buy it from someone who says he's selling it real cheap. He said he'd take my best offer but I can't find anything regarding a reasonable price anywhere to reference off of. please help. thanks!

I'd also like some reviews on Kustom KPC10 10" PA Speaker Cabinet. I know it's a "Kustom" but I need a cheap PA speaker pair for around $100 for talking heads and oldies/disco music playback for a small to medium sized ballroom about 75 people.
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  • On Oct 28 2008, 10:52 am in Gear Gab
PA system/speaker wire problem?
Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction....

I have a mcgregor sd15 pa system, one of these:
with 600 + 600 watt speakers. (also mcgregor)

The person I got it from said it worked fine the 1st few times, then after some dust gathering and a couple of house moves its been passed on to me and I finally got around to hooking it up today.

At first switch on, one speaker is completely dead bar some crackling and humming, the other speaker is really low with no bass. I switched the speaker cables over and the problems reversed, so am I right in thinking its a speaker wire problem?

The connectors are neutrik nl2fc connectors on both ends (4 in total) and I unscrewed them but they look fine, except for some slight play in the connectors. The cable itself is ELV professional hi flex 2 x 1.5

This was a package, quite expensive too by the looks of it so I'm not sure what to do next! The monitor through the headphones is fine so maybe the connections at the speakers have taken a knock or does it sound like an issue with the left and right channels on the box itself?

Sorry for the essay but I know how frustrating a 2 word question with no info is!


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  • On Oct 27 2008, 12:07 pm in Gear Gab
Recommended Bass Preamp for Recording/Live
Ok im a guitarist so I dont need a rig but I do play bass for a band at the moment and I need some recommendations for a reasonably priced bass preamp thats great for recording and live applications (I dont mind plugging straight in to the mixer). Doesnt necessarily have to have a billion effects, just a nice dry bass sound and preferably around/below the $250 mark. Cheers, Boe
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  • On Oct 24 2008, 11:11 pm in Gear Gab
tape vol. fluctuation
so i got my desk up and running, and im using some older tape i had still sealed in the bag. it looks fine actually, but the problem im having is,
im getting volume fluctuation with playback after recording. like it does with old tape or tape that's been thrashed.

i've used rubbing alcohol to clean the heads and ive cleaned the rubber do- dads.
im yet to demag the heads and i dont know when the last time it was done, i guess it could've been years.

could this be the reason why the volume is fluctuating? or could it be more serious?

anyone know the damage for new heads?
Martín González
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  • On Oct 22 2008, 05:19 pm in Gear Gab
Large Condenser Mics comparatives.
Hey everybody.
I'm looking for a decent Large condenser mic, cause it's time to improve somethings in my room and I'm wondering, can you give me an advice?
I'm looking at this 3 mics, 3 different brands, almost same prices, all same good reviews and I'd like to know if any of you guys has had any type of experience with this mics, and if so, could you give me your advice and opinion? thanks!
these are the candidates:

M-Audio Nova
Audio Technica AT2020
Studio Projects B3 v2

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  • On Oct 21 2008, 03:33 pm in Gear Gab
can anyone recommend an acoustic simulator?

looking at buying an acoustic simulator to add to my guitar effects rig as i need to switch between an acoustic and regular effects a lot and changing guitars is out of the question.

I already have a zoom gfx 8 - the simulator is alright, nothing major, just wondered if i could do better.

can anyone recommend a good pedal?

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