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  • On Mar 03 2009, 08:57 pm in Gear Gab
Reel 2 Reel
My grandparents gave me their old Teac reel to reel machine. I plan on using it to sample. My question is is there a standard fit for the reels to reels or do they differ?

I looked in the manual and couldnt find anything about the size they take. Leaving me to think that all reels are the same size. Any info?

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  • On Mar 03 2009, 02:54 pm in Gear Gab
hi i went here cause i need help connecting stuff onto my laptop. i think that i can connect stuff without a mixer just use my amp and effects.

so here's what i got:
marshall amp 15 w
zoom guitar II effects
standar stratocaster
adobe audition 3

got any ideas? it would really help to know thanks!
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  • Updated by MassiveMaster
  • On Mar 02 2009, 09:52 am in Gear Gab
xlogic alpha channel strip
should i plug my avalon 737 into the insert in back SSL Xlogic Alpha Channel Mic Preamp or the front...which is correct.. a lil confused..
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  • Updated by amcolan
  • On Mar 01 2009, 09:55 am in Gear Gab
AKG C 5600???? Anyone familiar with this mic

I just had someone pay me to lay down some guitar tracks with a Microohone they had layin around. It thought it was a bass drum mic. I did a little research but couldn't come up with much. I did find that this is not a drum mic, but in fact a vocal mic.

Does anyone know how the quality is on these...Is it worth anything? How does it compare to the AKG C3000B im using for vocals now?

Thanks for your help

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  • On Feb 28 2009, 07:53 pm in Gear Gab
Lexicon MX200
I am interested in MX200 in order to use it in my home studio. I am planning on using it for generally everything; guitar, bass, vocals,drums etc. I imagine that won't make most sense to you but on a budget I am trying to get the best bang for my buck. The reason why I choose MX200 because it says that it can also be used as a vst plugin when connected through usb. Anyone who has experience with this unit or any other suggestions on what I should consider buying (within that price range) would be very helpful... thank you :D
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  • On Feb 26 2009, 11:32 am in Gear Gab
Replacing Rode NT5's
A while back i bought a matched pair of RODE NT5's and never have been very happy with them. They are to harsh on the high-end for me.

I was wondering if anybody had a suggestion for a pair of SDC that are well suited for DRUM OVERHEADS and ACoustic Guitars.

any suggestions?

price range is 500-700 USD

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  • On Feb 26 2009, 09:31 am in Gear Gab
g -bus compressor plug in
i recently purchased a Solid State Logic Xlogic G Series Compressor( hard ware) and duende pcie card, that comes with SSL Bus Compressor,,, whats the difference sonically? curious...
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  • On Feb 26 2009, 08:59 am in Gear Gab
Time to upgrade!
Own and love the Alesis SR-16 drum machine, it sounds "terribly" dated though. I've been eyeing the SR-18 but it looks too similar, anyone have advice on what drum machines are really hot?
Redneck Samurai
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  • On Feb 25 2009, 06:29 pm in Gear Gab
I'm thinking about purchasing a set of drums. I don't really want to spend more than $800 for the whole set including cymbals. I'm looking for a decent set to learn on and to have so my drummer friends can come over and jam out. I also might want to do some recording with them as well. Here's two sets I am looking at:



I also thought about checking ebay but I'm a little bit leery about spending that much money on ebay. And I would also have to pay shipping.

Anyone have any opinions on these two sets or any others? Would either of these be decent enough to record with? Mind you they would be in an untreated room about 11' by 11'(at least until I buy me a house). Or would I be better off to keep using EZdrummer?
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  • On Feb 24 2009, 05:55 pm in Gear Gab
Copying a part on Electribe EMX-1

How's it going? i just got an emx-1. it all seems straight forward enough but i'm having a bit of a tough time copying parts. So i've been trying to copy a bass line, when i try to copy it from synth part one to synth part two in initial patch D51 that seems to work, but if i try to copy from the first synth part in d-51 to the first synth part in d52 i'm having problems. The part doesn't copy with the same effects, when i press the choose the part i want to copy it doesn't have the same effect on it either. I've tried clearing patterns but that hasn't helped. is their something really simple i'm overlooking?

I think it could basically not be copying the effect settings, anyone any thoughts?


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  • On Feb 23 2009, 06:12 pm in Gear Gab
basic relatively cheap mic/sound card sudgestions (drums)
What is the best way to go about recording drums, and maybe the rest of my band?

Sorry for the super general question!

right now my rig doesnt have firewire, and i have onboard sound.

-dual core 3ghz
-a few empty pci slots
-matched 2 gig ram ddrII (4 gig total if i wrote that confusing)

Want to spend $400 at most

i have sonar 7 & fl studio, nothing else!

So il need mics (i use 2 toms, floor tom, snare, kick, hi-hat) and a few cymbals.

So will i need 1 or two over heads?

Thanks in advance!
Analogue Junkie
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  • On Feb 23 2009, 04:59 pm in Gear Gab
Zoom or Tascam?
OK don't get to excited were not talking high end products here due to my poor budget.

I have a Tascam 4141mkII four track recorder but love the thought of memory cards instead of piles of tapes.

So should I think about a Zoom MRS-4B?

It looks good enough but how does it compare to the Tascam I have and would I be wasting money?

For reference my latest project doesn't need simultanious recording techniques!
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