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AK Redline
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  • On Aug 13 2003, 01:03 pm in Gear Gab
How is the Rode NT1-A Condenser??
im starting my own studio and i want to upgrade my vocal mic... anyone familiar with this one??
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  • Updated by blueninjastar
  • On Aug 12 2003, 06:52 pm in Gear Gab
hmmm...which effects unit to buy?
Alright, I was wonderin what your guys' pick was from these three effects processors:

TC Electronic m300
Alesis Midiverb IV
Zoom RFX2000

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  • Updated by UltimateNewbie
  • On Aug 11 2003, 07:25 pm in Gear Gab
more fruity instruments?
impressive as the standard fruity instruments are, they're all very much geared towards dance and stuff - not what i do really.

where can i download some more (free, natch) instruments? what should i be looking for anyways?

anything not-dance is cool, but im on the lookout for anything interesting really!

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  • Updated by PorpoiseMuffins
  • On Aug 10 2003, 04:43 pm in Gear Gab
Vocals and Hi-Class Gear
Hello everyone,

I have a big multi-part question:

I was thinking of shopping for closest thing I can get to some of that super expensive hi-class "pro gear" everyone talks about... Like the stuff people tell me really separates the pros from the homerecc'ers. I know I'm just doing this for fun but I want it to sound good.

To my ears, what really separates my stuff from the commercial CD's is the vocal sounds. They seem clear but just far enough away not to sound like home recordings. Everything seems lively, but distant in a pleasing way. Rock, country, metal, every genre. Do you all hear that difference too? For some reason I think this artful use of hi-priced pro compression.

1)I am under the impression that the Compressor would be the first thing to get. Can anyone give me an opinion on that?
(I have Cakewalk HS XL and it has a compressor but I know there's alot better out there)

2) an outboard rackmount piece would make me feel really cool but could I get a software plug-in that would serve me just as well? I have been reading about outboard devices and connections with PC recording and it seems too complicated for me (embarrassed)

3) If I choose to use an outboard piece, is it hazardous to buy used? We have this great store down here that's a virtual graveyard of broken dreams, with numerous aisles of used stuff you wouldn't believe! Its just a few blocks south of Sunset Blvd near all the famous rock clubs. What a place. I would love to find a real gem there.

I know the difference between me and bands on the radio would be more than just a piece of equipment, (monitoring, room, a real engineer (!) but I am very curious about that first thing.

Could you all let me know if anything comes to mind?? I may be totally missing the point.

thanks alot

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  • On Aug 08 2003, 01:50 pm in Gear Gab
wireless headphone deal
Hey Dudes! Recently, I posted about Wireless Headphones:Quote:
Jul 21, 2003 04:44 pm - I was thinking it might be a convenience if I bought a set of wireless headphones.
Well, I was in radio shack the other day and they had a pair of RCA wireless...Infrared. For only $20! Now, they looked like they weren't super high tech but I got them because I thought I might be passing up a good deal. Well, I tried them out and they sound just fine. No, they aren't super high quality...but they sound good for the price. And's great to be free of my headphone wire! If you want to check them out:
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  • Updated by jues
  • On Aug 08 2003, 05:22 am in Gear Gab
download a manual?
where can i get one for a roland tr-626 drum machine...tried all the usual suspects, but no joy...
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  • On Aug 07 2003, 08:47 pm in Gear Gab
dbx 1074 quad gate
I was wondering what you guys thought about the dbx 1074 quad gate and if you think there's something better for around the same price.
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  • Updated by MinkusMaz
  • On Aug 07 2003, 01:12 am in Gear Gab
$4000 Budget
Well, I've already got a room built and a windows xp machine that i'll probably be recording onto. What i need now is advice from you guys on monitors, preamps, equilizers, compressors, rack effects, software, consoles, etc., all for under $4000 preferably.

P.S. would going ADAT be cheaper/better?
AK Redline
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  • Updated by Jamie Garrett
  • On Aug 06 2003, 11:44 pm in Gear Gab
I wanna max my ram out!!
how do i add ram to my existing i have 512 mb... and its just noeugh and im startingto record people/bands... im gonna buy an external hardrive and more ram.. how do i do this!!??
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  • Updated by dbmasters
  • On Aug 06 2003, 08:04 pm in Gear Gab
Mic pre amps on Behringer mx series mixers
What do people think of the pre on the mx series mixers (I have the 602). I'm about to get a condensor mic and am unsure whether a standalone preamp is necessary.

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  • Updated by mac74
  • On Aug 05 2003, 07:15 am in Gear Gab
Preamp/compressor for new microphone
Hi everyone,
I'm thinking of buying a new condensor mic (Behringer B1 probably). I have a Behringer mx602a mixer, and I was wondering whether I should buy a pre amp (such as the ART Tube MP Studio V3), or just use the preamps on the mixer. Is there a difference in quality?

It also seems that if I get a condesor mic I really need some sort of compressor. I was tossing up between the Behringer AUTOCOM PRO MDX1400 or ART TubeComp. Any thoughts?

Another option is to get both a preamp and compressor in one unit (ART Tube Pac).

Your ideas on the best (and hopefully cheapest) approach will be greatly appreciated!

murray the k
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  • On Aug 02 2003, 01:42 pm in Gear Gab
Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic
I need some suggestions please on a decent condenser mic. I do all my recording myself and only record vocals and guitar live. I'm looking at spending less than $150. Anyone owned or used any of the Marshall mics? What about the Samson C01? Any help greatly appreciated.
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