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  • On Jun 09 2010, 12:52 pm in Gear Gab
Alesis IO14 -> Edirol MA-20D balanced/unbalanced?
Hi there!

I am hooking up my old project studio setup after a looong break from production and recording and am looking for some clarification on connecting my audio interface to my monitors which I was wondering if anyone could assist me with?

According to the IO14 reference manual, the outputs on this interface are balanced. However I am unable to find in the MA-20D documentation whether or not the line 2 inputs are balanced or not... is anyone aware of what these inputs are?

If my understanding is correct, if the inputs were unbalanced, there would be no harm in using balanced cables as the cold ring signal would simply not be connected?

Thankyou very much for your help!
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  • On Jun 08 2010, 11:25 pm in Gear Gab
Sound insulation board???
Has anyone had any experience using sound insulation board in their tracking rooms and etc to cut down on echo?

Here is the url of it at Lowes:]
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  • On Jun 05 2010, 08:23 pm in Gear Gab
Help: USB pre-amp connection question
I'm doing some vocal recordings at home. I recently bought a Rode NT1000 mic, powered with ART Tube MP Project Series Tube with USB as preamp. It didn't take long to connect the preamp and mic to my computer through USB slot and it works fine. Here comes a question: if the pre-amp connect to the computer through USB slot, does it mean it bypass the sound card? I'm thinking to upgrade my sound card on my computer to possibly improve recording quality, but if the pre-amp bypass the sound card, it will make no difference whether I change the sound card, is it true? How to work around on this besides to buy a new pre-amp?

Thanks in advance! I'm a newbie, so don't laugh at me if this question is silly :P.

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  • On Jun 03 2010, 04:24 am in Gear Gab
Edirol UA-25 monitor problem- help
I have a UA-25 interface that I'm using for voiceover work. It seems the only way I can adjust the volume level in my headphones is by using the"output" pot. This, however, affects the "record" level of the signal being sent to my computer. I assumed the pot labelled "volume Direct Monitor" is used to adjust the headphone volume level; but when I turn it, nothing happens. Is there something I'm missing here, a hardware/software issue? I've been Adjusting the output volume to an audible level and then adjusting the sens level, on the mic input to compensate. Can't figure it out. could be something simple. I'm going nuts!

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  • On Jun 01 2010, 02:50 pm in Gear Gab
Vintage broadcast mics
So, my grandfather passed back in 1998 or so. He was into radios back in the day when they were still emerging technology. My grandmother passed about 15 months ago, and my aunts and uncles were trying to go through all the old stuff and see what people wanted. I had heard talk that there were some old mics in my grandfathers work shop. So I went down today and my uncle showed me 5 old broadcast mics. He let me take 4 of them (there was one he had his eyes on). I may have to return some of them, but I get to keep at least one of them.

I did a bit of web searching and found some info on them... thought I'd share. I currently have the following mics in a plastic bag:

2 ElectrovVoice Cardax Model 950 [1945]

1 RCA # RCA Aerodynamic Type MI-6226 [1936]

1 Turner Broadcast Dynamic Model 211 [1937]

Found some of the info on this cool site:

Going to see if any of them work tomorrow morning.
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  • On Jun 01 2010, 08:46 am in Gear Gab
Fried stompbox pedal??!?!?!
Hey, so I bought this behringer reverb pedal, and it's great, I love it. Yesterday I was in Oslo and they sold these random stuff like very cheap and I found a 9v AC adapter but it said 2000mA instead of the boss' 200mA but it shouldn't really matter since the pedal will draw whatever it needs and nothing more anyway, I even asked specificially for this and got the answer that it doesn't matter. So getting home, I had visit from one of my friends and he said, so can I try your reverb pedal? I said, of course and he took it out of my daisy chain and plugged into the new adapter and were gonna try it on his amp but nothing happened. Then trying it again on my setup it suddenly didn't work anymore. And it did work 10 seconds ago, and is only 6 months old or so... This is very weird and I can't figure out why, any thougts?
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  • On May 31 2010, 06:56 am in Gear Gab
What do I use all of these inputs for?
I have a 8 channel mixer, 4 mono n 2 stereo channels but I only tend to use channel 1 as I use my DAW for basically everything.
I know that people use a few channels for drums, but what else can I use them for?
They're just sitting there and it makes me regret buying a mixer with this many inputs if I only use one.

Is it good for recording jams? With a guitar in one channel and say a bass on the other?
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  • On May 31 2010, 12:34 am in Gear Gab
Allen & Heath ZED12FX Mixing Console with USB
G'day guys!!
i'm looking at upgrading to this mixer

Allen & Heath ZED12FX Mixing Console with USB

any pro's con's i should know about?

i'm looking at the 22fx as well....for more channels.

i'm willing to spend up to about $1000 aus, if anyone has any other suggestions. i like the USB capability of the Allen and Heath, as i record a lot straight into my computer. Just being able to plug a USB cable straight in means a nice clear workspace.

i currently have a behringer 1204fx with the usb module thingy and it just doesnt quite have enough functionality for what i am doing.

Thanks guys.
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  • On May 22 2010, 12:06 pm in Gear Gab
USB interface vs. Soundcards
Anyone have an opinion on the pros/cons of the USB interface or the Soundcard? What if you had to stay under $200?
Drum Master
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  • On May 21 2010, 09:35 pm in Gear Gab
NOOB DRUMMER! I need mic advice! Please help!
I'm sixteen and have been rockin the skins since I was thirteen. I need to get my hands on some drum mics but I have no idea what to buy. Can someone help me out? Keep in mind my only source of income is a crappy job a little cesars :S

Currently playing on:
Yamaha 22' kick drum
Yamaha 13'( I think its thirteen:/) tom
Yamaha 14 or 16' floor tom
Zildjian 19' power ride
Zildjian 16' crash
zildjian scimitar 16' hat
and a standard size tama snare.
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  • On May 21 2010, 09:33 pm in Gear Gab
headphone selection
I have a little more money left over from paying taxes than i'd expected (my boss doesn't withhold money, crappy construction job that i can't stand! lol. i'm just not cut out for that line of work). So, anyway figure i'd make one little jump at knocking a few more pieces of gear off my wish list. Gotta get a midi controller with some sliders, and some decent headphones.

So, any recommendations? $50-$100 i'd imagine. I remember some talk about a set of sennheisers. Anything cheaper than $100 but close in functionality would be nice. Mostly just for tracking, so low bleed but a little bit doesn't bother me much. Rugged. And it'd be nice if they were decent enough to mix in a little. I do most of my work while people sleep. So as long as i can get the mix decent, and then work out a final draft threw the monitors, i'd be happy.
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  • On May 21 2010, 09:32 pm in Gear Gab
TD-6 with drum sample program
I have a 2 parter for some of you guys. I've been using my Roland TD6 kit for a # of years now (i think 4 or 5) , and i has given me decent results . The reason I went to the electric kit was simple logistics at first ( i was living in a town house) and it's easy, only two channels , no micing all together less set up. I havn't used the midi function on this thing and i've severly limited my self there since with programs like BFD, EZdrummer, session drummer ect have come out where you can control each drum . I'm looking into getting one and i'm not too sure which . I have Sonar 8.5 with session drummer 2 on it and if that's better than the compitition , then i'm set . I'm open for suggestions . I'm also wondering how is the latency with these programs ( i have a M-audio profire 26/26 as my main interface) . The more options the better being that i record other bands and people than myself . I think this is the best bet until i can build my studio space next year .
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