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  • On May 10 2004, 09:11 pm in Gear Gab
DSP2000 C-Port
It's retailing at about 570 USD... think its worth it?

The spec is quite impressive.

I'm also wondering how much one with less outputs and soemthing that'll let me set the gair for the inputs would be.....
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  • On May 09 2004, 08:20 pm in Gear Gab
Delta 1010LT clipping?
alright...everything with this card/breakout cables has been working like a dream....i use the direct outs on my mixer to connect it to the first six (6) RCA connections on the first breakout cable that comes with the card (the LT comes with 6 RCA connections and 2 XLR connections thus giving you 8 analog ins along with the S/PDIF and etc...) and they all worked great, but i needed to use 8 tracks simultaneously for our last recording, so i had to use the 2 XLR connections...

- heres the problem - the two channels i had running into these two XLR connections came from an AKG D112 in the kick and an SM-57 on the snare and they clipped...and normally this would be fine because i would just have known better and turned down the channel until it didnt clip so much...but ya wasnt clipping, it just sounded like it was, i mean...i eventually had the meter in Cubase SX barely hopping, and the source that it picked up was distorted, but it was only on these 2 channels (the XLR ones)...anyone have any idea how to remedy this, the M-audio manual doesnt address this issue and they tell you in the manual to try to find out on yourself first before calling... thanks...
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  • On May 09 2004, 05:49 pm in Gear Gab
Korg Poly800
Hey..I'm not sure how many of you use synths out there but I want something that produces good 80's sounds. I've never used the Korg Poly800 before but I played with the juno 106 and really liked it, I heard that the poly800 was korg's competition against the juno106 and it's about $200 cheaper on ebay. So, have any of you used the poly800 or would you like to reccomend any other good sounding 80's synths?
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  • On May 09 2004, 11:41 am in Gear Gab
Rackmount Hard Disk Recorders.....???
I'm moving on up to a real professional quality hard disk recorder, but i'm seriously confused to just a few things. any help with this would be great... i'm looking into hard disk recorders such as the mackie sdr 24/96 or the alesis hd24, but i'm not sure how these work with the external mixers...and i am able to use the external mixer to eq/change the levels, etc of each individual channel after it's been recorded..right? would it need to be a mackie board? is it different from a regular one? any answers are greatly appreciated. thanks.
General FYAH
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  • On May 07 2004, 07:41 pm in Gear Gab
Classical Vs. "Normal" acoustic guitar
high......what are the differences between the classical acoustic guitar and the "normal" one? (except the amount a frets).....does it sound basically the same?...........thanks
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  • On May 06 2004, 11:54 am in Gear Gab
Save the Smokey Amp!
As a few of you are aware of now. dB and my son just purchased these cool little practice amps from our local Music Go Round. In posting the link to the website here I noticed they had this link to help save the smokie amp.

It appears they are in danger of not being able to keep up with the demand for this cool little amp which has a version built inside a cigarette box. They have a program for sending in your uncrushed cigarette boxes for credit toward their gear. And they make more then just the little cig pack amp, check em out here.

I am going to start scrounging cig packs to help save the smokey amp as I smoke and know several that do as well.

Anyway, if ya smoke and ya want a cool little amp that can even be plugged into a 4 x 12 cabinet and sounds loud as hell, check out this link and get hooked up with one yourself.

And if you can do me a big favor and when you email for the info on saving the smokey, tell them you got the info from Home Recording Connection. I have made him aware of me posting this so hopefully HRC will get a bit of recognition from any help we give him as well.


Noize 2 U
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  • On May 06 2004, 10:40 am in Gear Gab
Dream DAW
OK. So after huge problems with my computer I think it might be time to invest. What computer specs would you guys suggest? I am prepared to invest to avoid troubles for a while. But dont want to throw away money just getting the latest thing. I just want something stable that can run effects, handle multiple tracks and will last me a few years.
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  • On May 06 2004, 04:02 am in Gear Gab
M-Audio Keystation Pro 88
There are no reviews on this products anywhere! Anyone got one or know how good the hammer action on it is?

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  • Updated by Walt
  • On May 03 2004, 03:52 pm in Gear Gab
can i get my money back?
I have had this ibanez acoustic/electric for about a year and a half and I always thought that it was a pain in the neck to tune properly. recently, my guitar playing friend (i am mainly a drummer) with perfect pitch told me that my fret board had been mislayed and that it is impossible to get a precise and accurate tuning from my guitar. Am i screwed or do you think i have a chance with the ibanez people. thanks.
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  • On May 03 2004, 11:06 am in Gear Gab
audiophile 2496
Ok, yes im new. Anywho, i just got this 2496 and i installed it and it said that it is up and running properly. I installed the drivers that came with it also. The thing is that i have windows xp and there is no sound coming out of my speakers. I looked for the problem and it said that my drivers are digitally signed. SO, i tried to dl the drivers from and they arent dling. Mad confusion right now, any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated, all i wanna do is start recording my stuff. Thank you greatly.
General FYAH
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  • On Apr 30 2004, 05:49 pm in Gear Gab
Applause by Ovation AA21;bfmtype=gear <<<<<< anyone has one of these or ever heard one? and is it a full size guitar?.....please tell me bout it....thanks...u are so much help....
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  • Updated by jez275
  • On Apr 30 2004, 03:39 am in Gear Gab
Star Wars Question - What's a "Hovi Mix PA"?
Here's an odd Star Wars question.

I've recently got my hands on an original Stormtrooper Helmet from the original movie made nearly 30 years ago.

On either side of the "chin" there are 2 mic tips/knobs that have the words "Hovi Mix PA" written on the side.

Any info on what these are (i.e. rheostats or mini microphones) of whether you can still get them would be greatly appreciated

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