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  • On Dec 04 2004, 05:00 am in Gear Gab
power from amp to speakers
i have an amp sending 300W/chan @ 4ohm into 4 150W rms (250w peak) 8ohm speakers (2 on each chan.)

S - - - S - - - AMP - - - S - - - S
150W 150W 300Wx2 150W 150W
8ohm 8ohm @ 4ohm 8ohm 8ohm

so i understand that if i chain the speakers like that, it turns it into a 4 ohm load rather than 8ohms, that is why i give you the amp wattage at 4ohm. now my question is this:
is this giving each speaker 150W (like i want)each or 300W each?? is this setup ok??

Thanks guys :)

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  • On Dec 03 2004, 06:44 pm in Gear Gab
m-audio bx8 monitors ?
does anyone own these and how are they ?i really need monitors and am trying to find the best deal on a pair under $500 and the seem to have all the features and specs. ,and also expandability with thier other products but nothing compares to a review from an actual user.please , any info would be awesome !
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  • On Dec 03 2004, 05:52 pm in Gear Gab
Guitar Amps Etc
Hiya Folks

OK, so I have found myself a nice little calculator for finding how much electric I will use for any given item.

All I need is certain bits of info and the number of hours use the item will have and I am good to get a price.

Now, the tricky bit, does anyone know what type of "amps" content an average amp would have?? I know my Marshall is 240V but I dunno the "amps" which is a specific question. I know the average kettle is 12.5amps so if anyone knows this type of stuff I;d love to know.


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  • On Dec 03 2004, 01:33 pm in Gear Gab
M-Audio Mobile Pre/Mac OS 9.2.2 problems
Hi, all. First time posting -- hell, first time attempting home recording. Don't beat me up too bad.

Anyway, I have an iBook clamshell, 366 mHz/320mb/6gig, and the M-Audio Mobile Pre USB. I installed the drivers; Audacity; the Live Delta program that comes with it; and ProTools FREE. Nothing works. When I open up the Sound control panel, I keep getting a message saying I can't adjust the settings on the MobilePre, because another program is using it. This, when no other programs are running; even when I have the MAudio settings control panel extension disabled. I tried restarting the computer (several times, with the USB in and without the USB in), I tried downloading and reinstalling the driver, I tried all the audio software on my 'puter (the above, plus iTunes). The first time I hooked it up, I got iTunes to play music through it; I've never gotten anything since, and I've never gotten my computer to accept it as an input.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, people. I hope this is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship. ;)

Jason H.
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  • On Dec 02 2004, 11:59 pm in Gear Gab
Just a random thought...

A local guy her in Minnesota has two direct drive turntables, mixer, coffin case and stand going for $350...I have wanted a set to have for use in my setup...just in case someone wanted to do work with em....

I hate when you see a good deal but can't conjure up that money...Besides...holidays are coming up, how greedy would that be.

Oh well!
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  • On Dec 02 2004, 10:54 pm in Gear Gab
when monitor inputs say balanced trs input...
that is say that the input jack itself is balanced and not anything to do with the cable or am i wrong on this ? i semi understand balanced xlr's as one ground and two signal so as not to phase each other out ,but are there two types of 1/4" cables mono and a stereo ?
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  • On Dec 02 2004, 07:10 pm in Gear Gab
drum machine 4 hip hop?
I have read alot great things about the Alesis SR-16
And about the Akai mpc 1000 i am wonerding how would I go about finding out wich of these would suite my needs i am producing rap/hip hop/R'n'B
i was wondering is the SR-16 a good product for this type of music style
I know the mpc is but I just want a good drum machine i don't want all the extra bells and whistles of the mpc if niether of these is up my ally what would be?
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  • Updated by Renegade
  • On Dec 02 2004, 06:53 pm in Gear Gab
first off i'd like to appologize for posting so much im still new there for i have lots of questions
>i seen that AkAI has a midi pad for triggering drum samples just the pad wich is cool cause thats kinda what im looking for so i was wondering if anybody knew about this piece of hardware> can use it with any of my software?
like samplers?
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  • On Dec 02 2004, 02:06 pm in Gear Gab
a question about balanced cables...
ok, i thought i understood the construction and uses of balanced cables until my music tech lesson today, which has just confused me

originally i thought that your audio signal was sent down one wire in the cable, while no signal was sent down the second wire, leaving just noise on it; and as these two signals were 180 out of phase, the noise on the second wire cancelled out noise on the first wire, leaving a relatively noise free signal

yet today i was told that the same audio signal is sent down both wires, 180 degrees out of phase. surely these signals would cancel each other leaving silence??
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  • On Dec 01 2004, 06:25 am in Gear Gab
Behringer mic pre-amp Tube Ultragain mic 100
Hi friends,

does anybody here use this mic pre-amp? i would like to know what is the best setting to use the two input and output knob? thanks a lot.
Satellite Jack
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  • On Nov 30 2004, 11:52 pm in Gear Gab
Looking For A Preamp
I want to compare what you guys like to what the GearGab section reccomends...

I basically want to be able to mic up my accoustics and direct record anything electronic, and was wondering what sort of preamp set-up i need. I don't think i need a mixer because I'm recording one track at a time, but i honestly dont know very much about it and if anyone things i should opt for a mixer rather then just preamp(s) please let me know.
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  • On Nov 30 2004, 08:31 pm in Gear Gab
Last time I promise
rather than asking my original question (multiple interfaces)
let's try this
if i had a Midi keyboard/controller and Yamaha's
01x how does it all circulate?
this is where im stumped forgive me if sound clueless ( I am )
but if the monitors are hooked up to my mixer wich is connected to my PC
and my keyboard is hooked up to my PC
does or how does the sound get threw to my speakers?
or is my mixer acting as a sound card in general and even if a played a song in windows media player it play out my monitors?
iam really having a hard time grasping how this works because i have no previous experience in the area if i sounded stupid im sorry im not stupid quite intelligent actually not the best speller though lol i am also sorry if i offended anyone im just trying to learn and am getting off to a bad start

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