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josh hates you
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  • On Feb 22 2005, 09:39 am in Gear Gab
groove tubes the first impression
so i got the brick the other day and i only had a chance to work with it at a freinds studio since all my gear is on location where i am doing recording for a band. we ran an akg c1000 thru the brick on acoustic guitar and on vocals. we ran the signal straight from the brick into his aardvark and also thru the board into the aardvaark for additional gain. we also ran the mic off of the behringer board and the aardvark pre's for a/b comparison.

the results: wow. the vocals came out silky smooth with much detail across the highs and lows. it sounded like it was mastered already compared to the other takes. also the response seemed much smoother overall. there where less spikes and peaks in the EQ and the tone was alot richer. on the vox there was NO comparison really.
on the acoustic,there was less of a noticable difference but it was definately different. the board pres seems to have and odd character in the high end that stands right out and captures my attention first but begins to drain on the ears after a few minutes. the brick was much smother overall had more depth and warmth to the low end.

after one day of tracking i must say the brick sounds awesome. but there are several things i dont like: 1 no pad. 2 no output gain just tube gain. 3 55 dbu of tube gain and i was still recording at -12 or so( i like to record hotter) 4 with limited features and only one knob it sounds the way it sounds and thats it. good thing it sounds awesome.

for the record this is my second outboard pre along with my cheapo presonus tube pre and the pres on my mackie board. im also wondering if this pre made a $200 condensor sound like gold i wonder what it would sound like with a BLUE or AT 4040.
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  • On Feb 22 2005, 08:24 am in Gear Gab
EDIROL VSC and Sonar 4
Hi guys,
Recently I installed Sonar 4 and noticed that It doesn't contain EDIROL VSC and I have bunch of projects using that.
How can I manually install it? (Of course without installing Sonar 3!)
I don't like the preset settings that came with TTS1 for drums sounds...
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  • On Feb 21 2005, 05:01 pm in Gear Gab
Sell me an Aardvark?
Does anybody have an Aardvark Q10 they wanna sell me?
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  • On Feb 21 2005, 04:07 pm in Gear Gab
Which Monitors Are Better? dB?
Yamaha MSP3


KRK Rokit 5

Thank you.
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  • On Feb 21 2005, 11:21 am in Gear Gab
soundforge 7.o flikkerin wave forms
hi out there..
i have some graphical problems
in soundforge..
everytime i play a wave form in the editor,.
it begin to flikker and the waveforms
are shown a little bit distorted in a way..
(this happens only with my laptop
ibm r5,1,5 ghz,ati rdeon 7500,w xp)
on my desktop (athlon 1,3 ghz,matrox g450,w 98se) all is shown correctly and clear..
can anybody help??
is it because of the lcd screen of the laptop..
(only 60 hz )or more an ati drver problem??
(i already updates the driver)
itīs quite annoying for the eyes..
thany and keep on dubbin
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  • On Feb 20 2005, 09:50 pm in Gear Gab
patchbay and balanced signal path
i'm investing in a patchbay so i can regain those hours of my life spent untangling cables in dark corners to reroute my outbaord gear. if everything in the signal from preamp through all gear to mixer is balanced cable, but then i send the final signal to the direct outs on my mixer (unbalanced) into my delta 1010, will that make the whole signal unbalanced? if so, why did stupid behringer make there direct outs unbalanced?!?!
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  • On Feb 20 2005, 03:15 pm in Gear Gab
my first drum kit

picked this up today, mega mega cheap - been upsetting the neighbours by banging it around in the back garden

anyone ever recorded a kick drum with an sm57?
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  • Updated by leesrubberroom
  • On Feb 20 2005, 07:32 am in Gear Gab
CAD mics, any good?
Hi. I'm a bit of a beginner (a lot of a beginner). I'm now looking for a budget omnidirectional/multi-pattern condenser. I've had my eye on the CAD GXL3000, but could also push to a M179 (that i've seen on Ebay for $245 including postage from the US to the UK).

First off, what's the real difference between the 2 mics (I know the capsule in the M179 is 0.1" bigger, but i'm not sure how much difference it will make), and is it worth the extra money as i'm very tight!

Secondly, is there anything else the same price or cheaper that you would recommend?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  • On Feb 20 2005, 02:46 am in Gear Gab
outboard summing
the more i read about it, the more i want one, i really can hear a difference when i sum to mono in sonar compaired to my outboard mixers 'mono' button, so i can understand grouping say all the drums to a dedicated output on my soundcard, then all the guitars to another ect. ect. heck, i've got eight outputs! havin' a good quality dedicated stereo summer sounds like a good bet....thing is, these puppies are expensive!! i can think of a thousand things to buy before droppin' a grand or more on something that for the most part, dosn't do a whole heck of alot (feature wise)...but what i'm wonderin' is

1. when would be a good time to get one? like right now, i need a pre before anything else (pun intended) and i'm gonna get HarBal monday say you've got good mics runnin' into good pre's gettin' converted by good converters.....the next logical step in "my sound" would seem gettin' something on the way out which means i'd hafta mix to some sorta two track recorder (crap i just realized that!)

2. do any of you have any experiance with these things?


Jason H.
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  • On Feb 19 2005, 10:11 pm in Gear Gab
Alesis MKII (passives)
Ok, leave it up to dB to piss on my parade again...I ain't mad at ya dB...I respect your opinions and that's how your able to piss on my parade...If I didn't give a flying rip I'd tell ya otherwise ;)


I want some open opinons on these monitors. I haven't worked them out. For one, you know I hate GC...which is the only feasable place that I think has them for me to work out...I dislike their smug staff so I basically was going off my client who loves em and the 9 MF reviews which makes up for their 5 star overall rating...

Dumb as these reasons are...the passives are 2 bills...and I want passives so I can still utilize my Hafler amp...

**Stupid Question Time**...shall I just put up with the crap staff at GC and have them run them for me...if in fact they got em??

Thanks folks.....deebs!

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  • Updated by whosyourdaddy00
  • On Feb 19 2005, 12:37 pm in Gear Gab
Need help getting stereo sound from a alesis QS 8.2 keyboard
I am new t keyboards as I have played an acoustic piano all my life.
My church just bought a new keyboard and a new system with speakers and amps and the sound is scratchy or muffled. When I use my personal head phone and plug into the headphone jack, I get such a solid beautiful sound, but when i switch to the main auditorium speakers I get muffled or poor and not loud enough sound. A few (know it all guys) have tried but the last thing I heard was that the jacks we are using in the left and right mono out of the keyboard to try get stereo sounds in the building are not mono or that they dont have the one line at the tip but rather two lines which is muffling the sound. One other observation is the other end of the jacks should be female to go into the snake and we need to locate two of these types of jacks with a 1'4' mono and a female end to plug into the snake. Does anyone know if this sounds right before we spend more money trying to get it right and still get no where.
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  • On Feb 18 2005, 11:52 pm in Gear Gab
Omega 48v phantom power - phantom result also!
my condensor microphone requires phantom power 48v or a simple AA battery. My Lexicon Omega comes with a phantom 48v switch on the back for such microphones but acheives little 0ther than no audio and an electronic Buzzzzzzzzzzzz sound whenever it is pressed. I think it simply doesnt work. Anyone else?

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