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  • On Jun 09 2005, 10:14 am in Gear Gab
Is there going to be a lot of difference between a decent set of book shelf speakers for a home hi-fi system, and a pair of decent 'studio' monitors? Is it the freq. response?
Jason H.
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  • On Jun 08 2005, 05:17 pm in Gear Gab
Considering a switch in gear...
So I run a Korg Triton LE...Pretty basic.

Now an average schmuck like me figures since the Triton carries MIDI ports, it can also be a controller for software synths, I would assume...

So the switch I am thinking of making but not knowing much of is going from my Triton to a 88 weighted key digital piano. Reason being is I am trying to close the gap when it comes to "feel" between my Triton and the grand piano I take my lessons on. I am getting frustrated with it all...

So I would like to know...If I sell the Triton, to help acquire this paino,...considering the piano has MIDI ports and such can I use this as a controller also if I find the need for synths. again???
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  • On Jun 07 2005, 09:54 am in Gear Gab
Problem with pro-tools
Hows it going? The play button no longer works when pressing the space bar or clicking it with the mouse. Im using the beta test 5.2.1.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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  • On Jun 06 2005, 04:43 pm in Gear Gab
Direct Line Recording
I attempted to direct record guitar parts for my bands CD but was having trouble with the AMP SIM I was using. I was using The Green Machine II for my amp sim but I was unable to get sufficient gain to bring out the harmonics that my bands guitar player kind of lives on. Anybody have any settings that can help with this? Thanks
Joe Kroeger
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  • On Jun 04 2005, 06:44 pm in Gear Gab
What are my choices when it comes to Drums in Sonar 4 P.E???
I am currently running a Zoom drum machine into sonar 4 through my soundcard. I wanna sell it. I would like to know what other options do I have and what do some of you guys use for all your drum sounds?



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  • On Jun 03 2005, 11:49 am in Gear Gab
level meter confusion!
hello all

so my soundcraft e12 arrived today! i just set it up and have been playing round with it for a good hour, worked great :). it's exactly what i was after!

however, i am having one sort of problem with it. it's nothing major cos i can work round it but...

first of all it'll help if i describe my signal path:

1: microphone running into mono input
2: mono jack tapping signal out of an insert, into a delta 66
3: delta 66 to cubase se audio track
4: output of cubase running to outs on delta 66
5: outs on delta 66 runing to playback in phonos (kinda like tape returns)
6: button marked "playback to monitors" pressed
7: monitors plugged into desk

so basically the signal goes mic > desk > delta > cubase > delta > desk > monitors

and all my faders are at unity gain on 0dB

now, i was setting the gain for a mic on an amp before. i began doing this by playing while turning up the gain and watching the master levels on the desk (these were showing the level of the playback from cubase). i barely had to turn the knob halfway to get it over 0 and into the red, so i lay off a little. i come to record a test track and i notice in cubase that the signal is in fact waaaay below 0dB, and is fact quite tiny!

so, i have another go, this time setting the level using the meters in cubase. i get the signal nice and big at around -5dB. but my desk meter is at the top led!

so then i just turned the gain knob up until the peak led on channel 1 lit up, and backed off a little. still the main meter says im way over 0!

SO, i try one last thing: i pressed the SOLO button on the channel my mic was running to, so that the signal would go direct from the channel strip to the main meter (as well as to cubase) and voila, cubase and desk say the same!

so this got me thinking - what is cubase and/or the delta doing to my signal on the way out, back to my desk? it appears to be boosting it quite considerably....? any ideas whats going on, or if theres any remedies for this?

like i said, when multitracking its not too much hassle to press the solo button on each track and set levels one at a time. would be nice to have one less button to press though!
Zen Stapler
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  • On Jun 03 2005, 11:19 am in Gear Gab
Pros/cons of a chambered solid body electric guitar?
I'm looking into having a custom guitar built, and I have the option of a chambered body. I assume this would give a more mellow, bluesy tone, but I need a few opinions from any guitarists out there that have experience with chambered solid body electric guitars.

Also, would a chambered guitar sound good with heavy distortion? I'm just curious, since I sometimes like to go heavy in my songwriting.

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  • On Jun 03 2005, 10:33 am in Gear Gab
audio card
has anyone used anyhting other than a delta or audioligy? i dont care for either one and am looking for one that will have 2 firewire 1394 and at least one adat i/o. these are for mac g3 or g4.
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  • On Jun 03 2005, 07:31 am in Gear Gab
Soft Synths/Samplers/Hardware??
Hi everyone. I have been looking at various software plugins/stand alone synths etc. Assume for the moment that I have basically nothing but a PC Daw with Sonar and a controller (which is just about accurate -- although I do have Reason adapted) and that I'm going to be playing and recording jazz and pop music generally. I have very little experience with these things at this point and keyboard is not my primary instrument.

I was looking at Sonik Synth 2 and Sample Tank. Sounds seem very good and both heve gotten good reviews. I can get a very good deal on both of them together (basically two for the price of 1). Does this purchase make sense?

How do these compare to Kontakt and Kompakt? Are they mutually exclusive or do people use both? I'm sure this opens up a real can of worms, but am I just better off saving the money and buying a hardware module?

Finally, I am also looking at Garritan Personal Orchestra becuase there is a great "Group Buy" price. I'm not sure I would use it all the time, but it certainly does seem to have some nice sounds to add to a collection.

Any thoughts, insight, experience with the above, would be VERY helpful and appreciated.

I apologize for the barage of questions, but there are many things I am interested in purchasing and I am just trying to gain some perspective and set some priorities.

Thanks in advance.
General FYAH
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  • On Jun 02 2005, 03:57 pm in Gear Gab
dx4 studio montiors
if u know me by now i am always on a very low budget that is why i settle for these.......never heard it can anyone who has it or heard it b4 let me know how it is?...thanks hrc ...blessed love
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  • On Jun 02 2005, 12:19 pm in Gear Gab
Shifting Gears...
i've noticed my computer has a bit of trouble 'shifting gears' from midi sequencing work, to just audio stuff. nothin' a restart cant handle, just wierd though.

anyone else have that problem?
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  • On Jun 02 2005, 08:58 am in Gear Gab
Difference between a insert and a direct out?
I went looking at some mixing boards for my delta1010 and i found that only the large 32 channel or so mixers had direct outs. The sales clerk said "those small ones dont need'em, no one finds use for them". But im thinking.. well HRC is full of people who need small 8-12 channel mixers with preamps and direct outs. But i read somewhere here jsut like a line in a reply that you can use the "insert" as an out? What exactly is the insert for. All the mixers i saw had a XLR input, a 1/4 input adn that hole taht says insert... what is it? Is it what i need?
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