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  • On Dec 15 2010, 08:22 am in Gear Gab
Paging Mr. Dematrix
Hiya :] hopefully you read this deon, i'm looking at getting myself that joe meek you have, i found one for around $600 or so (refurbished). And, she looks pretty nice! I did sort of want a pre that could function as a channel strip, But I'm worried it might be a little too noisey.

Whats your opinion after using it for several years? Any overly-noticeable hiss in your signal? And how's it color your sm7b? Several retailers say in the sm7b's description that a transparent pre is preferred, but. Idk. I've noticed the 7b sounds a little too dark, i actually am prefering the nt1a on vox right now (when i can quiet the computer fan up enough :\) but thats threw the tassies pres, which sound like junk lol.

As a side note, i swear i'm not trying to copy your gear list :P though its getting increasingly similar.
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  • Updated by Danno633
  • On Dec 14 2010, 07:59 am in Gear Gab
Help Me With My Boss/Roland BR-8
I have just been given a boss br8 home recording unit, It uses a zip disc to store the recordings but I wanted to know if I can use the digital output on the back of the machine to record directly to an external hard drive....Can anyone help me please as I dont have a manual

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  • On Dec 12 2010, 07:34 am in Gear Gab
Alesis Multimix, Cubase 4 le no audio on playback
So of course this is my first post here, and so I am a newb here, but not to using forums, and I have searched for the answer to my question and I was unable to get a solution.

Also I am a total newb to using a mixing board with cubase.

I've read through the manuals for the mixer and the pdf for cubase.

I have everything set up, the vst connections, I open an audio track and can record the track, I can see that it is recorded, but I cannot get it to play back with any audio. I've changed the windows playback devices to almost every option, I'm plugged into the headphone jack on the board, into the 2track red/white plugs (using my stereo for monitorinng) and i cannot get any sound on play back anywhere.

I would prefer if i can plug into the board for the play back that way all my audio is coming out of the board and into the stereo so when i want to use my laptop for other stuff i don't have to unplug thirty wires and cables to take it to another room.

any help is greatly appreciated thanks!
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  • On Dec 08 2010, 08:12 pm in Gear Gab
Cold/Heat/Humidity effect on guitar?
Does anyone know the effect (good/bad or other wise) extreem cold, heat or humidity has on a guitar and guitar amp?

I just got a practice space in a storage place and it does not have any heat or air conditioning. I am wondering how leaving my guitar, amp and other equipment in the room will affect the equipment?

Anyone know?

Thank you.
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  • On Dec 07 2010, 07:10 pm in Gear Gab
In Need of ALOT of Help
I'm hopefully starting off after Christmas with home recording. Why I want to do is make instrument beats, like rap beats and dance beats. Eventually be able to produce songs and make demo cd and maybe make an actual record/cd whatever.

What should i get? Where do I start?? I have a very limited amount of money and just need to get the bare essentials at first.

Also I'm probably getting a Dell Inspiron 1545 with Above average tech specs. Is this going to be able to handle what I want to do? I checked the tech specs required for the "recommended" music software like Propellerhead's Reason software and also Cakewalk. my computer seems to have above what is needed so I didn't see any problems soi thought I'd ask.

So basically if someone can help me;
ēLearn the basic terms and stuff
ēSuggest good starting equipment and software and where to look
ēLearn any info on copyrights, how to make my name official
ēGood sites for info, besides this one :)

Thanks in advance for the help,

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  • On Dec 05 2010, 10:31 pm in Gear Gab
Instrument and Mic cables
I have always purchased cheap cables cause every money I saved went into buying hardware etc. But working with cheap cables is a frustrating experience... Since I don't have any experience with higher quality cables I wanted your input if the price difference is worth it when it comes to durability and does the sound quality really improve??? I will be purchasing XLR mic cables and instrument cables to be used at home for recording purposes... And when I say quality cables I still won't be able to pay $80 for just one cable, but in the more $20+ range instead of $5 ones...
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  • Updated by crux
  • On Dec 01 2010, 01:54 am in Gear Gab
URGENT: Crash course on Roland MC 303
Putting up the red flag here, my boss has asked me to help him work out how to use a Roland MC 303 groovebox tomorrow. Though im familiar with it in terms of concept, ive never actually used one and im not an electronic musician at the least.

I need a crash course on just how to make some basic music with it. I know that it uses patterns and such, but he wants to actually program in material, this is wat he hasnt been able to do so far, he can get the preset patterns running.

Im currently reading the manual, but if anyone can just put out the more basic uses in laymen terms it would be great help

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  • On Nov 30 2010, 05:15 pm in Gear Gab
Using Roland XP-80 .SVQ files with the JV-2080
Hi all, does anyone happen to know if there's a way to upload .SVQ files to the Roland JV-2080?

Here's a little more info. I used to have a Roland XP-80 which is a keyboard version of the rack mounted JV-2080. You could save your instrument sets with the XP-80's onboard sequencer as well as use it to record which I currently still use Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 for now.

Long story short I didn't used to set my instruments from Cakewalk (for some dumb reason) and have a bunch of cakewalk recordings that I don't have the instrument sets for without the SVQ files loaded into the XP-80.

I have the SVQ files locally saved on my computer and want to know if there's a way to load them to the JV-2080 from the PC.
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  • Updated by Fragile
  • On Nov 24 2010, 11:57 pm in Gear Gab
Cool new VA synth from Novation:
It's blue, nice looking, some nice features, would fit in well with my R3 and Miniak....and....did I say it was blue?

Dammit! I want one now! *twitch*

Novation Ultranova:

At least my wallet is empty (for now) so no impulse buying for me haha.
Rob Stemple
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  • On Nov 22 2010, 09:39 pm in Gear Gab
More SM7B's for sale
Hey guys.

The shop that I work at has made an ordering error. As a result, we have two SM7b's here that we don't need.

And this turns into a few dollars of savings to any of you that are looking to buy as well. I know that RocKwood is selling his as well. And buddy, I hope things are getting better for you.

But, we need to get rid of these two as well. So, we are selling them for just a few dollars over dealer cost. Your cost would be $320.00 + shipping, or if you want, you can come here to Bauder Audio to pick them up. Which is in Horsham PA.

Buy the way...... These are brand new in the box, never opened. You can contact us at or emial us at

Just in time for the holidays! Thanks guys.
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  • Updated by cool guy, kinda
  • On Nov 22 2010, 06:55 pm in Gear Gab
compressor question
Hay guys ,

Iím shopping around again trying to improve my vocal chain . I havenít use a rack compressor in the vocal chain for a while because Iíve had a good vocalist that can control their voice. Iím re-opening my studio once I get back to CA and I will be working with a mix of everything from screaming metal vocals to quiet mousy vocals. I have a # of good micís and a P-solo as my main pre for vocals . I have a few compressors that I used to use for recording but theyíre not that great for my signal chain any more (composer pro, not bad for live stuff) . I want a transparent comp thatís versatile and doesnít add a lot of color (Iíll use plug-ins for tone shaping if I need to) , Iíve narrowed it down to FMR RNC, DBX 160A, or 166XL . Iím open for suggestions and I have a little bit of a budget to play with . Iím trying to stay under a grand , something comparable to my P-Solo would be great.
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  • On Nov 22 2010, 06:13 pm in Gear Gab
Selling most items in my project studio, interested in some stuff?
I got Dan's approval for this spammity spam. I'm upgrading/mobilizing my recording studio and I need to get rid of my bulkier items. That is to say, I need to sell most of what I have and buy new things. Here's a list of what I'd like to get rid of, this cost + shipping will get these items to you. Everything is in great condition and I have boxes for everything:

API A2D Dual API 312 Pre-Amp + A/D converter and API word clock = $1600 ($1900 purchased new 11/2009, 4 year warranty left on unit)
Yamaha DGX-505 Workstation= $300 (88 key keyboard, workstation, midi controller, pitch bend wheel, no modulation wheel. don't have the box for this)
Custom PC (3.4 ghz overclocked dual core processor (Intel E8400), 4 GB ram, 80 GB Intel X-25 SSD OS/DAW drive, sound "proof" case) = $600
M-Audio ProjectMix I/O = $600 (Will give you pro tools 8 m-powered with ilok, you can keep or sell)
Studio Monitor isolations stands (need this for accurate representation of low end) = $110 for the pair
Alesis Monitor One passive studio reference monitors w/ RA-100 Amplifier and 25' speaker cables = SOLD
Line 6 POD LT = $100 (I don't have the box for this one)
DBX160a compressor = $250
BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer = $75
Hanns-G 19" Widescreen monitor (1440x900 resolution) = $75
SKB 4u Rack mount case = $100
Ugg Boots For Your Children = $Eleventy Billion Dollars.

Contact me via email if you want the "I want it all" super discount.

The only things I'd be interested in trading for are Digi 002R's in excellent condition, 4x pre-amps/channel strips in a 1u or 2u form factor (API, Great River, Focusrite, Massenburg etc) and ATA approved 4u rack mount cases (in the realm of Pelican quality).

I know we've got a few soldiers out there, any advice on finding high quality 4u rackmount cases used? Any advice for shipping sensitive equipment like this in general? My assumption is that I should get an ATA case and ship it Fedex for the most gentle handling.
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