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  • On Feb 10 2006, 03:58 pm in Gear Gab
Studio monitor question
Is it possible to connect passive studio monitors to a standard amplifier (Pioneer)? I have an extra amp from my old sterio setup and it would be great to utilize it and save some $. I was thinking about the Truth B2030P's for about $130/pair.
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  • On Feb 10 2006, 07:06 am in Gear Gab
Favorite Toy?
What's your favorite toy? Mine would have to be my nord lead 2x, it's custom painted
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  • On Feb 09 2006, 11:25 pm in Gear Gab
daisy chaining presonus fireboxes
hi i am the happy owner of a presonus firebox and i love the thing. the one question i have is in the near future i might want to be able to record more than two mics for drum miking and i was wondering if it is a possibility to hook one firebox into another and see them both on the computer, would that work? please help!
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  • On Feb 09 2006, 10:21 pm in Gear Gab
Hercules 16/12 FW ?
Anyone ever hoid of 'em... used one ?;b=1&f=1

... they're currently being offered at a 'very reasonable'(read: sickly-cheap) price from a 'certain outlet' .

The specs look pretty clean, but nothing beats real-user feedback . Anyone ?
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  • On Feb 09 2006, 09:41 pm in Gear Gab
Ive been looking for some ways to increase the volume and brighten the sound of my recordings so it doesnt sounds so dull and lifeless. I've been looking into these:

Does anyone have any experience with these? Do they help alot with what I'm looking to improve? Are they complex to use? Any other recomendations? I have a Mac so I can't use that HarBal program I see everyone talking about. Thanks alot.
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  • On Feb 09 2006, 02:29 pm in Gear Gab
7 mics for 200? Opinion please
Would you buy this pack?
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  • On Feb 08 2006, 11:07 pm in Gear Gab
Digital / Analog Question (soundcards and monitors)
I'm looking to buy a new soundcard and monitors, and was reading some of the tutorials on the site.
One suggested an M-Audio Delta 44 soundcard.
I looked it up and noticed it says it doesn't have digital i/o, yet it has x4 1/4" i/o.
How isn't that considered digtal i/o? Couldn't one just buy monitors that had 1/4" i/o, and plug 'em into 1 or 2 of the 4 jacks on the souncard?
Or does "digital" only refer to 1/8" and RCA plugs? What's an example of an analog i/o then?

If you can't connect monitors with 1/4" i/o to that soundcard, would I need to get monitors that had RCA or 1/8" i/o, and then just hook it up to my SB Audigy 2?

Oh, and what would you do with 'outputs' on a soundcard?
General FYAH
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  • On Feb 08 2006, 10:04 pm in Gear Gab
"pro amps" and "studio amps"
hey guys, well i saw 2 "pro" amps in a local store down here.....and i was wondering can they be used for mixing? is there a difference between them and "studio" amps or is the hook just for marketing?

i see like even on sounds it got peavey pro amps....and behringer studio amps and pro amps.....i guess the pro amps is more like for djing? cause they got more power....i dont know...please enlighten me
Ian McIvor
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  • On Feb 08 2006, 12:27 pm in Gear Gab
Looking for opinion on recording hardware-I need help!
Good day everyone---
I currently have a starting home project studio (PC/XP/MBox/ProTools)and would like to upgrade, where my budget permits. My main 'want' is the ability to record more then 2 tracks at a time (Mbox). You know, track all drums...I was thinking about getting a Digi 002R, but that means I need to upgrade my PC with more balls. Another option is the MOTU 896HD. If I decided to go with this option, what software would be comparable to ProTools? Cubase? I guess the third option would be something like the Korg D3200 all-in-one thingy. I guess they all have their advantages and disadvantages, but I was looking to get some banter on this board with some ideas/pros/cons...
Just now seems that everytime I start looking through my mags, I get another idea on what I want...

Papa's got some money buring a hole in is pocket...LOL

Thanks a bunch,

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  • On Feb 07 2006, 06:03 pm in Gear Gab

New toy for Xmas JUST being played with just now...and man, this thing rocks!!

I just went thro ALL the presets and it has 40 of those (Including a KICK *** Slash-esque) talkbox as well as yer usual chorus, flanger, tremolo as well as delays (seperate control) and verb etc....

As well as, a kick *** expression pedal for wah, compressor AND (and this is cool) an acoustic sim!!! Very good wee unit this by the way.......

I'll be using this as my ONLY live effects come March so that means I am putting aside my JIM DUNLOP CRYBABY WAH (a kickass pedal!) and my Boss Chorus !!!! Worht a look my friends...for sure.

Aye, I will record with thsi puppy too - did I mention it also has 11 amp sims, all, very decent including Vox, Fender and Marshall as well as the Messa's.........

Top present this...and with 40 user settable banks, I'll be fillin er up so to speak!

Joy, and how I love, ma new toy!


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  • On Feb 07 2006, 03:43 pm in Gear Gab
my confession
Ok, I've got myself into a gear realated pickle, and I just have to tell someone, so I figured a bunch of strangers is a perfect place to start. My wife handles all of our budgeting and finances, and does a remarkable job of staying ahead. I stay away from it because I'm bipolar (seriously) and because of this condition, there are times when the value of a dollar is hard for me to understand. Although I'm trying to get to a point where I make enough money in my studio to supplement our income, I still work 9-5. The job I'm currently in involves a lot of downtime in front of a computer. I spend a lot of time looking at recording toys and drooling. A couple of months ago I was in a hypomanic state and went to work. In that day, I applied for a credit card, got approved, and promptly ordered 1800 dollars worth of toys before realizing what I was doing. I've been paying it off with money orders behind my wife's back. I know this is wrong, but honesty is not an option here. I told her I won the toys. So ever since, I've been taking money off the top from recording sessions to pay on this card. My conscious is eating at me, but I have to do this under the table. The only problem is, we might be moving soon. If we do, I'll have to pay the rest off before we start looking for a new house, or else she would see it on our credit report. Thanks for reading this, I just had to tell someone. I have since shredded the credit card to keep this from happening again, but it's so easy to get credit. I would come clean with my wife, but since then I had another episode where I spent around 500 bucks on mr. t memorabilia, and she wasn't very pleased. I haven't found a medication that works for me, so I've just got to stay away from credit cards. I don't even carry my debit card anymore. All I can say is I'm damn lucky to have the wife I have. I feel horrible about this, but I think it would be better if I pull this off clean, then tell her about it after the fact. Thanks again for reading. I feel a little better already
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  • On Feb 07 2006, 07:47 am in Gear Gab
Awesome, Sweet, Wonderful Wife
Wow...yesterday I ordered an Apogee Rosetta 800/192! Found a good deal on a demo with a double warranty. This is the last link to a super signal path to the PC. Told my wife what I did and she said "whatever you need, sweetheart". Today I was messing with a Minimoog Voyager at Sam Ash...really brought back memories of the 70s when I was young, tall, and handsome lol. Anyhow, I was telling her about it and how my 19 year old college bound son enjoyed playing it (he's the one that stole my musical talent). Later this evening, she said that she wished that she could talk me into getting it. What should I do? Should I take advantage of her generousity?

I am getting a $15000 bonus in March (before taxes of course). Should I lay down the plastic or what? Help me out folks, I'm really struggling. Sam Ash is willing to knock of a few hundred bucks too.
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